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Happy 4th Annivesary Shining SHINee :)
Friday, May 25, 2012 | 11:51 PM | 2 comments
Assalamualaikum everyone.Hello~Hello~Woah~It's been a really long time since I didn't HupHupDate this blog kan.Not that longlah kan.Tehee.Umumu~Poor thing.Okay.So,now,today is the day.Right after Kim Jonghyun's Birthday kan.Wah~Nmpaknya saya nie hnya HupHupDate blog for SHINee's Special Day ja kan.*cough*cough* Saya pura-pura batuk.Mcam yg sy ckap,today is a special for Shawols.Wae? Sebab hari nie Birthday Babies kesayangan Shawols.Siapakah Babies kesayangan Shawols? Chajan~It's SHINee! SHINee.Tehee.Yep.It's my Shining SHINee.Saya punya Darlings.Sobs.Precious.Besar suda SHINee saya kan.4 tahun suda dorang.Yeorobun,you know what? I really really love them.Eh~Hey,just from the stuff in this blog you all can know bha kan I'm a diehard fan of them.Okay.Without wasting any time,I wanna make my Special Speech for SHINee.Hahaha.Macamlah dorang boleh baca apa yg saya tulis nie kan.Tehee.Kwenchanalah~Okay.Chulbal~
Aww~Look at that.They hugs.Can I cry? Sobs.Sobs.Sobs.I'm Forever Sobbing since yesterday bcuz of SHINee.SHINee.Lee Jinki Kim Jonghyun Kim Kibum Choi Minho Lee Taemin.That's them.The 5 Awesome Guys in my Heart.There's no one can replaced them in my Deepest Heart.Really.There's one thing that I regret about.Sometimes actually.It's that,I regret because I'm not with SHINee from their very first moments.Sobs.But,I promise,I will be with SHINee until the end.Forever.I will Always Love them no matter what happen.My Heart already owned by SHINee.And I,when I love someone,it's really hard for me to let go of that person.Really hard and I can't do that.But,SHINee is not One.They're 5 people.But if they together,for me they are One.My One and Only.I want to be with SHINee Forever.Lemme just talk and talk about SHINee here.Okay.Happy 4th Annivesary SHINee! Imma Shawols since December 2009.Yep.So,from that moments,I became a really crazy girl.Crazy Fangirl.Crazy Shawol.It's all bcuz of SHINee.

Whenever I see SHINee on TV,I will became a really wild crazy Fangirl.I will jump around and shout out loud.SHINee! Whenever I see SHINee cried,I will cried with them too.Then,I will shout "SHINee ah~Uljima".Sobs.I just can't.It's really break my heart when I see my Precious Boys are crying.I cried a lot bcuz of SHINee.But,if that tears from SHINee is Tears of happening,it's okay.Just cry SHINee.Just cry.Next,when I see SHINee is happy,I will be very happy too.More more happy.Well,well,all fangirls will also happy when their idols are happy rite.2 Years 6 Months.That's my time now as a Shawols.In that time being,it give me so enough time to knows the real SHINee.All SHINee members things.Hehehe.SHINee ah~Noona knows a lot about all of you Guys.Especially who? Hehehe.Nadaaa~It's equal today.Hehehe.I know the Real Jinki.I know the Real Jonghyun.I know the Real Kibum.I know the Real Minho.I know the Real Taemin.I know the Real SHINee.They're not perfect.But for me they're the Best.They work so hard.Really hard.That's the things that makes me really proud with SHINee.SHINee inspire me so much.Thank You SHINee.Also,I have to admit,that SHINee changed me into a better person.Honestly,SHINee teached me a lot of new things that I can't really explain.Btw,there's no idol that never have their hardships time rite.So does SHINee.

Yep.I still remember those hardships that SHINee has been through.Sobs.Then,that all ****ing Rumors about SHINee that makes me really angry and 'hot'.But,thank God,SHINee still with me until now.SHINee ah~Thank You for making my life became more happier.Thank You for Brighten up my days.Thank You for making me cried.Thank You for making me happy.Thank You for making me change into a better person.Thank You for making me crazy.Thank You for Your Guys existence.Thank you for making me smile.Thank You for always there beside me when I need all of you.Thank You for being SHINee.My and One and Only Shining SHINee.Thank You Sooo Much SHINee.SHINee ah~Stay Awesome.Stay Amazing.Stay Wonderful.Stay Together.Stay SHINee.Keep Smiling.Keep Love each other.Just Keep that Love.Like,Keeping Love Again.I will Forever Keep My Love For SHINee From The Deepest Of My Heart.

There's so many things that I want to talk/wrote about SHINee but it will not enough just to say it here.Just keep in mind,that I will not going anyway.I'm just gonna stay here with SHINee.I will never leave SHINee.I'm just gonna stay beside my 5 Darlings.I will Forever Support Them.My Heart only for SHINee.I want to be with SHINee Forever.Love Forever,Last Forever.SHINee ah~Kamsahamnida.Saranghae.Nomu-Nomu Saranghaeyo.Chinchayo.Yeongwonhi.Yaksokhae.SHINee always makes my heart Dup Dap Dup Dap.Tehee.What it means? SHINee makes my heart Beats Faster everytime I see them.I cherish my every Moments with SHINee.SHINee ah~We are so so far away from each other but why I can feel my SHINee's Love towards me? Hehehe.I mean Shawols.That's the Power of SHINee and Shawols.SHINee ah~Thank You Sooo Much For Brigten Up My Life.Nege Gomawo SHINee ah~Words can't explain how much I Love Love Love Love Love SHINee.There's no words can explain my Feelings towards SHINee.SHINee is my Everything.I Wish that On One Fine Day,I will meet my 5 Precious Babies.I Love You Guys,SHINee.Really Love You Guys.Thanx For Everything SHINee.Just Keep Shining,SHINee.Shine my life.Shine Shawol's life.

Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Taemin,Minho-I Love You Guys.Forever.Thanx For Loving All Of Us,Shawols.I will continue to love SHINee for the next-next year.Thank You and I Love All Of You.Sincerely,from the Bottom Of My Heart.SHINee 

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