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Jjong 23 Bling Day..Happy Birthday :)
Sunday, April 08, 2012 | 1:34 PM | 0 comments
Assalmualaikum and Hello everyone.Annyeong Haseyo yeorobun.Wowowow! It's been a really long time rite since I didn't update my blog rite.Tepat 2 minggu.Mianhae,it's just that I've been so busy with my 'Another World'.Tehee.Jangan fikir yg bukan-bukan okay.It's Twitter.Okay,without wasting any time,let's go to the real reason why I make this entry today.Wait,wait.What day is today? Sunday! What date is today? It's 8th of April.Woot! Woot! It's someone's birthday today.Guess who? Deng Deng Deng.It's the cute Dino guy above.Kim Jonghyun of SHINee! Okay,enough with that play-play things from me.Yes.Yes.As you all know today is Jjong Dino's Birthday.That SHINee flirty guy.Tehee.That naughty guy with sexy body.Yeorobun,let us sing 'Happy Birthday' song to our Birthday Boy today.Hana Dul Set.

~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~
~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~
~Saranghaneun Kim Jonghyun~
~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~

Yeah.*clap*clap*clap*clap*clap*.Jonghyun ah~Noona dedicate this cute song to you.Ah~I still remember last year when I make special entry for Jonghyun's birthday,the entry is full with entry that I ask Jonghyun to palli return.Remember on the early of 2011,Jonghyun is like 'missing' from SHINee.It's bcuz of his injured legs.Sobs.Sobs.After his birthday then,he return with SHINee.Noona was so happy at that moment.Too happy.Time flies so fast rite.One year already past.So,for this special entry,I'll saying more about happy-happy words.Yeorobun,are you ready for my 'over' speech for Jjong's Birthday? Tehee.Juz joking.I'll making it as simple as I can.Woah~Okay~Chulbal~

Dear Kim Jonghyun,
Saengil Chuka Hamnida,Jonghyun ah~
Happy 23rd Birthday!
Actually,in Korean he's 23 but internatiolly,he's 22.
Don't worry Jonghyun ah~You still young.
Cute naughty young guy.
Jonghyun ah~Noona hope you will always success in everything you do and also with SHINee memberdeul.
Noona also hope you will always take care of your health.
Please stay healthy and don't fall sick.
Noona will become so worry if Jonghyun or other SHINee members is sick.
Take a lot of rest although Noona knows that Jonghyun n his 4 other friends are sho busy rite now.
Most important thing,you must stay happy,happy and happy.
Remember,when you sad,Noona is sad too :(
But,when you happy,Noona is more happy!
Never stop smiling bcuz you have the sweetest smile in the world :)
Okay,what Noona likes about this Kim Jonghyun guy?
Can Noona say 'Everything'?
Yeah.I like everything about him.
His superb and amazing voice.
Gosh.Who can beat that?
I'm so in love with that powerful voice.
Then,he's naughty side.Tehee.
What naughty side?
Jjong is like Oppa Nappa for me.
Shawols,you already know that naughty side of Jjong rite.
His Tounge,Smirk,Wink,Gaze and what else?
Ah~His arms.
I'm listening to So Goodbye by this Birthday Boy while writing this entry.
Ah~so nice.~Nan niga piryohae~
Then,his face with his cute puppy eyes.Perfect.How cute~
Kim Jonghyun,he's handsome,cute,funny,talkative,hot,awesome,sexy,mischevious.
Noona loves Kim Jonghyun just the way he are.
This SHINee Gag Twitter Guy who likes to trolling in his Twitter.
This Bling Bling Guy.
This SHINee guy who wrote a really beautiful lyrics for his Shawols.
Such a really precious song with all that lovely lyris.
Keep writing more beautiful lyrics,Jjong.
Thank You for all that amazing things that you have done for us,Kim Jonghyun.
Noona really loves you.Love you so much.
Last but not least.
Again,Happy Birthday Jonghyun and have a blissful birthday party with SHINee.
I hope all SHINee members will celebrate ur birtday party with you.
That one member who busy with his musical,I mean.I hope he will.
Saranghae Kim Jonghyun.
Btw,I know Jonghyun will never ever read all this.
It's just that I do this special entry just for him.
I made this special Gif Pictures for Kim Jonghyun.
5 pictures for 5 SHINee members.
I'll do the same when other members birthday come too.
Saengil Chukahaeyo,Jonghyun.
Noona nomu-nomu Saranghaeyo (^_^)
It's Jonghyun's Generation!

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