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SHINee's Precious Quotes
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Annyeong Haseyo yeorobun.It's me again.Alololo~Comelnya gmbar kat atas nie kan.That's my Babies.Hehehe.I'm back again.And again I'm back with SHINee's entry.25 May 2012 suda 2 hari berlalu.Sobs.Umumu~Saya nie asyik SHINee SHINee and SHINee ja kan.Apa boleh buatlah kan,kalo diri ini suda menjadi Shawols yg Sejati! Tehee.Jangan marah bha.Nanti sy akan buat entry lain jugak.Lalalala~Okaylah.Hari nie saya mau post SHINee members punya Quotes yg sangat splendid.Beautiful.Sweet and Love.Kesemua Quotes yg akan sy post kat bawah nie mmg adalah 100% original and tiada tambahan drpd diri saya yg over nie.So,let's just start with who? Deng Deng Deng!
There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to Love.SHINee World is strength for me,because I get strength when I get cheers on the stage.I often hear that people think I'm mad when I don't smile.When the situation is awkward,say 'LAA!'.When you laugh,you recieve luck.There's no stable style for me because I think everyone has their own charm.You can not appreciate the beauty of the sky at night without these Five Shining Lights.I want to became the SHINee that will exist in your hearts and be remembered forever ♥ 
To me SHINee is the center,SHINee is something I can put in the center.Five members living in the same dorm is just like a sitcom.If you ever had to leave,I will follow you,I would never let you go.Ke Ke Ke.Life is full of chances.Take it lightly.Always have own opinion and belief.Even though we cannot  communicate using the same language,we use music instead.There are no shortcuts to perfection.All it takes is hard work and more hard work.Is this the reality you all wanted? My emotions have lots of ups and downs ♥ 
I can't hide who I am.I can't say things I don't mean,say that I like things I hate,or hate things I like.And more than anything,I can't lie to myself.Think three times before you act.So my dream isn't to become the best,it's to be someone who I'm not ashamed to be.When I hear the voice from MR-Removed,I feel bitter.It's like taking away the most important to singers.Go to school,study hard the come back.To choose our own way is not an easy thing to do,but everybody has their own choice.I wish for us to stay as SHINee for a long time ♥ 
You are my flower,not because you are prettier than other flowers.You are my flower not because you are more fragrant than other flowers.You are my flower because you have already blossomed in my heart.A formula that will never be broken for a lifetime,SHINee+SHINee World=Love.Do not forget that all of you are always shining within SHINee's hearts.If you don't give up your hopes and dreams,then there will always be a good ending.Fight something as if it is your last fight,as if there would be no more chance to do that later.I wish that the five of us will form a fragile bond ♥ 
A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to their dreams.I think everybody in this world should be loved.Never forget to smile.Although we're not on the same sky for today,please do not forget that our hearts are always together with you all.When something's hard,smiling helps us in the end and it becomes fun.As I go on with life,I find that there can be bad moments.But I have to be positive and change so that the bad thing doesn't happen again.I have one goal as a SHINee member,and that is making SHINee The World's Best Group ♥ 

Okay.End of Splendid Quotes.Yg sy kasi colour tue maknanya itu adalah Quotes yg baru.Saya saja ja kasi sambung semua tue Quotes.Hehehehe.I really love SHINee's Quotes.That Flower Quotes.Ada antara Quotes dorang yg membuat sy menangis bila baca that Quotes.Sobs.Precious.Beautiful.Especially Quotes yg ada kena mengena dengan SHINee lah.Kebanyakan SHINee's Quotes nie saya jadikan inspirasi untuk diri saya.Tehee.Thank You for the Beautiful Quotes,Chagiyas. Saya sayang SHINee ♥ 

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