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SHINee Sherlock Daebak!
Saturday, March 24, 2012 | 9:37 PM | 0 comments
Annyeong Haseyo everyone.How are you all today?? I hope all of you is fine.What about me? I'm so fine.Cuma sejak kebelakangan nie saya terlalu sibuk dengan SHINee and Twitter.Okay,this is happiness.My happiness actually.Yalah,result SPM dah ambil n then SHINee kesayangan saya pulak dah pun buat Comeback.So,sekarang nie hilang suda segala rasa nervous saya.Bolehlah saya puas-puas dengan SHINee sekarang nie kan.Talk about SHINee,semua dah tau kan SMent dah release SHINee's Sherlock Full MV.Nah~this precious MV from my boys.SHINee.
*clap*clap*clap*So,how was it?? It's awesome weyh! SHINee is back! Wah~happynya saya bila MV nie keluar.Happy yg terhappy sangat.Sehari selepas result SPM diumumkan,SHINee's MV release.Lega.Hehehe.Okay,let's talk about the MV above.MV Sherlock nie ala-ala mystery gitue kan.Me Gusta~My SHINee as detective.Daebak! Sebagai Shawol,harus saya katakan yg saya sangat berpuas hati dengan SHINee.SHINee's Comeback kali nie kiranya mcam hadiah yg paling besar buat Shawols selepas SHINee tidak buat Comeback selama hampir 2 tahun.Woah.That's a really long time rite.I have to say that all SHINee members looks really really good in this MV.They look so handsome,macho,hot, and adorable.SHINee will always be my cute boys although there's not much 'cute' SHINee in this MV.About Jessica,at first I really don't like it when I know that Jessica will be the girl in SHINee's MV.SMent jimat kos.But after a few days,I can accept it.No harsh words here,okay.Banyak orang cakap yg lagu Sherlock nie x best.You say what?? How dare you?? For me this song is Daebak.Sherlock has its own originality.It's unique. And I like it.I want to memorize the lyrics for this song.Yeah.SHINee's song is a must memorize song for me.Okay,the choreography for this song is Wow! Triple Daebak! I really love all SHINee's dance step in this MV.Thank You Tony Testa.Can I say that in dance,no group can beat SHINee's dance? Yes.Bagi saya tarian for Sherlock nie mmg sangat cantik walaupun ada part tarian yg pelik sikit.But,it's the best.Okay,this dance.
Memang pelik.It's lika a wave dance tapi bagi saya tarian nie macam lebih kepada tarian mematuk.Not chicken dance but that part when ayam mula mematuk.Hehehe.Good Job SHINee.Tarian SHINee mmg pelik,unique and the best.For me,SHINee is always the best.I like it~like it~like it~My Handsome Target.I really like that part when the musics start.Then,Minho whispers 'SHINee is back!'.Kat sini,kita boleh tengok muka 'angkuh' semua member lalalalalalalalalala~ SHINee.Hahaha.Gosh.Betapa happynya saya bila saya nampak Onew.Onew is back too.Onew is so cute.Even in this MV,we can see Onew Sangtae.Then,Jonghyun with his powerful voice and his eyeliner.Gosh.He's hot.My Key with his black nail polish and sexy short pants.I love that things on  Key.Key's voice also Daebak! Minho ssi,with his amazing rap.I really love Minkey's rap part.Lastly,Taeminie with his long hair.Awesome.Everybody likes Taemin's hair rite.Shawols keep complain "I'm a girl but why Taemin looks more beautiful than me?".I'm like that too.Taemin is so beautiful and his voice also Daebak! Overall,SHINee is perfect in this MV.Onew is so Onew.Jonghyun is so Jonghyun.Key is so Key.Minho is so Minho.Taemin is so Taemin.SHINee is so SHINee.I'm so so in love with Minkey's rap.Also,I can see Jongkey moment in this MV.I really like this dance step and keep doing this dance.And this gif is specially made for SHINee Haters out there.
Got it Haters?? Okay,now the fanchants for Sherlock.I'm a Pro now.I really love Sherlock's Fanchants.I learn the fanchants from here.It takes me like 2 hours to pro at this fanchants.At first,I keep repeat the same mistakes but after I tried for a few times,it's perfect.Believe me Shawols,you should learn this fanchants.It will make you feel proud and energetic when you shout the fanchants.Some people can Pro at this without the tutorials.And yesterday,I become  really crazy when I watch SHINee performing Stranger and Sherlock Live @ Music Bank.My hearts beat faster.I turned into a really crazy woman when I watch MB yesterday.It's all bcuz of SHINee.I jump around and dancing like a little kids when it's SHINee's turn.I shout the fanchants as loud as I can.I didn't care about what my family say about me at that time.My mind only to SHINee.I'm a bad girl also a crazy fangirl.Mianhae.But,after SHINee's perfomance end,I become a normal person again.I'm too proud and happy when I shout the fanchants.It's really fun.Okay,here's the link for all SHINee's Comeback stage.Juz click on the link that I bold.But,wait.Remember that moment when Key says 'Malaishia' @ Music Bank yesterday.Actually,it's Malaysia but when Key says 'Malaysia',it's sound like 'Malaishia'.Hehehe.Yah~Kim Kibum,I'm a Malaysian that really loves you and SHINee.SHINee should come to Malaysia.*slap*stop* Enjoy :)

Music Bank-SHINeeIsBack
Music Core-SHINeeIsBack

All SHINee's Comeback Stage was Daebak! Tonight,SHINee's in the house! Woo! Hoo! So give it up give it up give it up for SHINee!! It's so energetic and amazing.I keep shout the fanchants.Today's fanchants is the best! Shawols Daebak! I really love that part where Minkey's  do 2nd rap part.That dance before where Minho bounce/jump on Key.
Okay,the gif above this gif is from SHINee Sherlock Dance Version.The gif where SHINee wears simple outfit.You can watch full version by clicking SHINee.Done watch it? Can you see Onew Sangtae and little JongTae mistakes in that video?? Hehehe.So cute.I really wanna be pro for this dance step.One day,maybe.Also,see that toilet paper? That awkward moment when Shawols wish that they are the toilet paper.Hahaha.Jongkey and Ontae.Minho Forever Alone.Don't worry Keroro,you have me.Okay,so many gif I post today.And I think I should stop here rite.So,I left with this precious gif.This gif is like SHINee is telling the world that "We are one as SHINee.Nothing can separated us".This really precious dance.Until here,Annyeong (^_^)

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