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5 Years With SHINee ♥♥♥♥♥
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Assamualaikum everyone! Yeorobun,Annyeong Haseyo! *scream* I'm back! Back! Back! Hahaha.This time no need to whsipers! So,it's been a long time geutchie I didn't huphupdate this bloggie! 8 months already.Jam Jamkannman.Anyone miss me? Hahahaha.Nahhh~Just kidding! Cuz I miss blogging like seriously.Cut it,Noi! Kayy.So,today I am back and I am back bcuz of today is a very-very special day for me.Not only me.But 5 amazing boys and my fellow fandom.So,what so special bout today? Ring Ding Dong! DanDanDan! JengJengJeng! It's my precious shining SHINee 5th Annivesary! Sobs.Can I cry? Sobs.No need to cry now cuz I already cry me a river last nite.It's 6.24 pm and less than 5 hours,it's another day already.Sorry for late update bout this.Btw,less than 30 minutes SHINee will held their 'SHINee's 5th Debut Annivesary Special Party' with Shawols.Sobs.I want to attend too! Those Shawols is so lucky rite.Kwenchana,the time for me to meet SHINee will come on one fine day.I believe that.So,let's start for the real~Real 'speech' to my shining SHINee! Chulbal~
Aww~Aww~Look at my babies above.They're still really-really young here.Such a babies.  Dear, Lee Jinki,Kim Jonghyun,Kim Kibum,Choi Minho and Lee Taemin~ Happy 5th Annivesary my shining Chagiyas! Happy Birthday SHINee! You guys already 5 years! And you guys grown up so well and loved by many people.SHINee World loves SHINee ♥ I hope SHINee will always success in this career and I also hope they will achieve their big dream.Daesang Award for this year,juseyo :) Stay healthy SHINee yah~Take care of each other and take care of yourself.Shawols will feel so sad if SHINee members is sick.Then,if you guys sick,that one member that sick will 'missing' from SHINee like 2 months.Onew and Jonghyun.With one member missing from SHINee,it's 'torture' Shawol's heart by seeing only 4 members.So,please baby.Take care okay.Eat a lot healthy food like fruits and drink plain water a lot to maintain you guys beautiful voice.Be happy cuz Shawols happiness is when we see SHINee is happy.We will be more happy.Smile cuz you guys have the most shining and the sweetest smile ever.That sweet smile like bunny.That sweet smile like puppy.That sweet smile like kitty.That sweet smile like frog.That sweet smile like mushroom.Okay,I know 2min's smile sounds weird especially Taemin's.Hehehe.Please ignore that.And the most important thing,loved each other and just stay by each other side till the end.Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Minho and Taemin.No matter what happen someday,you guys just stay by each other side and support each other.When you guys become one it can overcome everything.You guys look the best like seriously the best is when you guys have each other.Five of you.My precious ♥
'Annyeong Haseyo,Bitnaneun SHINee imnida'. 5 Years of greeting already.Sobs.That precious greeting.Can I make a greeting too? 'Annyeong Haseyo,Nae Shawol Yeongwonhi imnida'.That.Hahaha.Broken Korean.Ayy~Ayy~My English also broken.Btw,that gif above is so precious? Wae? For those who follow SHINee's update must know,geutchie.Actually,on 1st April 2013,Jonghyun involved in car accident.Sobs.Poor baby.And bcuz of that,he have to undergo a nose surgery and he have to rest from all SHINee's activities.We've been missing you Jjong! And on 23th May,he's back after almost 2 months he didn't join OnKey2min's activities.And my SHINee World life is so complete and much happy now since Jonghyun comes back.OT5 is the best! Okay, back to my 'speech'.The very first thing I wanna do when I meet SHINee someday is,to thank them for everything.By knowing SHINee,I learn a lot of new things.I became a new person and a better person.That's why even if I say 'Thank You' to SHINee for thousands or million times,it's still not enough.They're mean so much to me.
Dear SHINee,my Dear Onew,Dear Jonghyun,Dear Key,Dear Minho,Dear Taemin~I just wanna say Thank You so much to you guys for you guys existence as SHINee.Thank You for making me know you guys.Thank You for making me choose you guys.Thank You for making me only love you guys.Thank You for making me stick and glued to only you guys.Thank You for making me who I am now.Thank You for making me believe that,if we're became one,we can overcome anything in this world.Thank You for making me laugh out loud like crazy when I see the dorks,mischevious,playful and funny side of you guys.Thank You for making me cry and sobbing like a baby whenever I am so touched and moved with you guys.Thank You for making me smile,grinning,giggling like crazy person when I see the sweet and cute side of you guys.Thank You for making me feel loved by you guys although we are so far away from each other.Thank You for making me a crazy and pabo person whenever I see you guys at TV,listen to you guys song at shop and when I read a fanfics of you guys.Thank You for making me dream a big dream.Thank You for making me 'evil'.Thank You for all the beautiful and splendid quotes from you guys.Thank You for all the amazing songs.Thank You for all the fantastic dance step.Thank You for all the variety show of you guys.Thank You for being a good Appas to Yoogeunnie.Thank You for making me can't stop thinking of you guys whenever I hear or see things that related to you guys even though it's just a small thing.Thank You for making me a loyal fan of you guys.Thank You for making me promises that I won't leave you guys until the end 내 인생의 .Thank You for all the work hard until you guys are who you guys are now.Thank You for stay strong although so many bad rumours about you  guys come.Thank You for making me join SHINee World.Thank You for always shine.Thank You for giving me that weird feeling that I can't describe until now.Thank You for making my heart beat faster when I see you guys.Thank You for making me collect SHINee's albums and making me collect SHINee's merchandise.Thank You for being with me when no one else was.Thank You for making me proud of you guys.Thank You for being awesome, amazing, handsome, sexy, dorky, perfection, cutie, adorable, derp,'evil', beautiful, kind, nice, fantastic *Break Down* Thank You for that perfect OTP.Thank You for making me heart you guys.Thank You for all those beautiful voices.Thank You for being my precious and shining Lee Jinki,Kim Jonghyun,Kim Kibum,Choi Minho and Lee Taemin.Thank You so much for all this 5 years.Thank You so much for making me always love you guys.Thank You so much for locking me forever in SHINee World.Thank You so much for everything.Thank You so much for SHINee's love towards Shawols.Thank You so much for making me love you guys soooo much like crazy that I feel like I want to cry.Thank You so much for making me cannot forget you guys everyday.Thank You for making me chooosee SHINee.Thank You soo much cuz you guys are my inspiration and you guys have inspiring me to work hard and never give up like you guys and be a better person.Thank You so much again and again cuz you guys come into my life and makes me who I am now.Sooo many Thank You geutchie.Hahahaha.But most of all,I wanna Thank You guys for being SHINee.Being my Onew,my Jonghyun,my Key,my Minho,my Taemin.Thank You for being 5.Thank You soo much for being my SHINee and OT5 ♥ Knowing,these five shining stars named SHINee,I am so thankful.
That beautiful Pearlescent Sky Blue Ocean.Someday,I will be a part of that beautiful Ocean.InshaAllah.25th May 2013.5 Years with 5 Amazing Boys.5 Years Of Happiness,Laugh and Joy.5 Years of Tears.It's been 5 years already since SHINee born.My babies~Time flies so fast rite.I feel like I just updating my bloggie for their 4th Annivesary last year and Tadaaa! It's already their 5th Annivesary.One thing,that I regret is,I was not being able to love SHINee from the start.I'm sorry SHINee yah~If only I know you guys earlier,geutchie.May 2008-Nov 2009,what am I doing that time? Herm~Form 2 and Form 3.But,it's okay.Not being a fangirl from the start doesn't make you a bad fangirl,geutchie.Most,important thing,we early or we late come to this fandom,we should always stay by SHINee side.Until the end and never leave them no matter what happen.Through good or bad times,we must always stay by SHINee's side and keep supporting them until the end.That's the most important thing in being a loyal fangirl.True fangirl.How can you not love SHINee when they're being so amazing,awesome,adorable and perfect day by day.And year by year.Like seriously,I don't know how those ex-Shawols can leave SHINee.Actually,I'm 'amazed' with those fans cuz they can.Bcuz for me,it's soooo hard to leave SHINee World.Sooo hard to leave my 5 shining stars.Honestly,I ever think to leave this fandom cuz I was soo busy with study,college life and other things.But know what,the day after that,when I woke up from sleep,when I open my eyes in the morning,the first thing that I saw is SHINee's photo that I stick on the left side of my locker.It's the photo during their SWC II at Singapore.Those time when they celebrated Onew and Minho's birthday.I feel like crying that time.How could that think ever crossed in my mind? Mianhae SHINee yah~Jeongmal Mianhaeyo.Seee,it's soo hard to leave.Mothae.I will never think that bad thing again.
My love for SHINee is too~I don't know how to explain it cuz there's no words can explain how much I love SHINee.They mean so much to me.They are my world.That's why I living in SHINee World.How can I leave SHINee when they are the reason for me to smile widely and happy like crazy.They only making me loves them sooo much.I promise to myself that I will never leave my five shining stars and my fandom until the end 내 인생의.InshaAllah.Nothing is last forever in this world,geutchie.I always know that SHINee also won't last forever.One day,they gonna have a life with their own family.One day all SHINee members will getting married with the woman that they love.I wonder who gonna be SHINee member's wife? Hahaha.That 5 lucky woman.Can I be one from those 5 woman? Hahaha.Just Kidding! But,who knows? You know.I know.Haha.And few years after that,they gonna have a babies that is so cute just like their appas.And we Shawols too gonna went through the same thing like SHINee.Isn't that cute when someday we already getting married and have kids but still fangirling over SHINee? Hahaha.Kyeoptaa~That's why I cherish every moment that I have when I'm with my SHINee World.Being in SHINee World and loving SHINee is one of the best thing that ever happen in my life.I hope SHINee will stay together for a long time in this entertainment industry.They already 5 years and I hope they will stay together for the next-next years.Let's make it 20 years.Hahaha.The longer the better.And our precious Leader Onew tweet last nite. He Tweet 'I've spent 5 years with you all.The next 5 years will go by easily~Ohohohinghinghoh'. See,Onew wants to be with Shawols for the next 500 years.Jinki yah~Let's make 1000 years instead. Hahaha.1000 Years,Always By SHINee's Side (^_^) That Yong-Gam Onew being so cute on Twitter last nite. He also tweet 'Congratulations on your 5th Annivesary' and the he replied to his own tweet 'Thank You ^^' and then he reply again 'Hahahahaahaha ^^' Gosh.Jinki.Why you being so cute and precious like this.Hahaha.Did you guys spot his Sangtae there? I love you so much Onew! And today,he tweet again 'Ohohohohoh (5 5 5 5 5)!!!!! 5 coming!!!!!  Come in 5!!!!! Woahahaahak let's go ah ah!!!!! ' Such a cutie.Seems like he's so excited for today's special party.I believe rite now,that special party already end.Jonghyun also tweet today.He tweet 'It's been 5 years oh say oh say'.Sobs.Precious baby cuz he's so excited too and after that special party end  Jjong tweet '5th year already....! It was an interesting fan-meeting~~^^ Everyone go back safely..!' Awww~Jonghyun ah~That's so sweet of you! I love you so much Dino.Precious JongYu is so precious.Kibum ah~aren't you gonna post something in your Instagram today for SHINee's special day? Chebal Chagiya~Okay,back bout SHINee's year.I hope my SHINee will be like their SHINHWA sunbae.They're still together after a long time they debut and they just make a comeback! Dear Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Minho,Taemin~Stay together for a long time.I will always love you guys and will stay by SHINee's side no matter what happen.I'm just gonna stay here.Watching SHINee.Loving SHINee with all my heart.Lee Jinki,Kim Jonghyun,Kim Kibum,Choi Minho,Lee Taemin and SHINee World Hwaiting! Without SHINee,my life would be so bored.It's like I don't know what should I cekidaout in this internet.Really.And those moment when I first know SHINee,I never expect that I will love them as much as like now.It's incredible.How SHINee can change my life 360 degree.Mehehe. Know what,there's a time that I feel like I've known SHINee for a long time.Like I really know them.I don't know how to explain this but that feeling is so beautiful.And there's a time that I feel like SHINee is so close with me.Really.Although,we so far from each other,I can always feel that SHINee's love.Thank You for that love my Onew,my Jonghyun,my Key,my Minho and my Taemin.I love you guys so much and I will continue loving you guys for today,tomorrow and the next-next year.Let's make it many years SHINee yah~SHINee World loves SHINee sooo much and I know that SHINee love Shawols too.I love my fandom so much.And this thing makes me cry like crazy last nite and also laughing at the same time while listening to it.Precious.Like seriously,my feelings when I listen to that is sooooo~I can't help my feelings.It's too beautiful.I'm proud to be a SHINee World.A Shawol.SHINee World may not the biggest fandom but I can say that we are one of the best and strongest fandom out there.SHINee was hated,scorned and many left the fandom.But true Shawols will always stay :) Thank You.Thank You for everything my dear SHINee.Thank You soo much my five shining stars Onew,Jonghyun,Key,Minho and Taemin ♥♥♥♥♥ And until here.It's 10.24 pm already.Hahaha.While writing this I went to other place then continue writing and went again and continue writing again.So,GoodBye Annyeong Adios everyone (^o^) Why So Serious? Hahaha.
Jam Jamkannman.Say BaiBai to SHINee first! Thank You :)

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