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Almighty Key Day
Sunday, September 23, 2012 | 1:53 AM | 1 comments
Assalamualaikum.Hello everyone.Annyeong Yeorobun,Annyeong! So,who's awake now? *me*me*me* Yeah.I'm still awake.It's 12.09 am now.Good Morning and Good Night.Hehehehe.It's still early rite.Earlylah sngat~So,today is 23rd September and it's Sunday! Dan! Dan! Dan! *cough*cough*cough* Can I cry? Can I cry because it's my Kibummie Birthday today.Since yesterday,my heart keep beating faster because I was so nervous waiting for this day.Finally,it come.A few minutes before the time,I really can't think straight.When the time come,I freeze for a moment and my heart is so~Ahhh~ I can't keep calm! Huwaaa~Okay.Enough Noi.Enough.It's a happy day today so,Yeorobun let sing for my precious Baby okay.Chulbal~

~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~
~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~
~Saranghaneun Kim Kibum~
~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~

Kibummie Omomomo~Such a cute song (cutelah sngat) *clap cutely*clap cutely*clap cutely*.It's the same song I dedicated to Jonghyun.Hehehe.Woah~Time flies so fast right.I still remember last year when I make an entry for this hot boy.It was a really long entry actually.But maybe for this entry,it won't be that long.I've been so busy this days with my college (everyone is busy rite) so I can only spend my time with SHINee  on half Friday,Saturday and half Sunday.So shaaaad~But it's okay,at least I have time.So straight to the point,Imma start my speech to Kibummie now.Warning! It's gonna be 'over' again.Hahahaha.Chulbal~
Woot! Woot! It's Captain FranKey Guys!
Dear Kim Kibum!
Saengil Chuka Hamnida Key ah~
Remember Jonghyun's "Happy Birthday Key! I Love You"?
Okay.Imma gonna say it now.
Happy Birthday Key! I Love You!
Key already celebrate his B'day with OnJongTae few days ago.
Without Minho :(
So,Kibum ah~I hope you will celebrate your birthday again with all SHINee members.
Will you?
My Kitty Boy!
How can I not love you Key?
Chagiya~Happy 21st Birthday!
Bong ah~You're still young.
Kibummie~ for your birthday I hope you will always success in everything you do and with SHINee.
Yeobo~Be healthy and happy okay.
You know that I will become so worry rite if you fall sick.
Kibummie~You so skinny nowadays,so eat a lot Baby.
When Onew eat chicken,you can eat the chicken with him.
I know you hate it when you fat but  you look shoo cute when you chubby Key.
I feel like I wanna pinch-pinch your pink cheek.
Kibum ah~Can I? Hehehehe
Darling~Drink a lot of plain water because it can prevents you from having sore throat.
Remember Key,your voice is so precious.I really love your unique voice.
Drink Strawberry Milk too!
So,take a good care of your voice also yourself and your members.
My pity precious boy,I know you and your members is so busy rite now,but please take a good rest.
Sleep well and sleep tight.You must sleep even just for a while.
My Cutie Birthday Boy~
I love you not like a love song.
I love you just the way you are.
I can say that I love everything about you.
Kim Kibum~
I'm not someone who can wrote beautiful words but for you I will.
But not here,just in my heart.
Hey You! My Strawberry Milk! What I love about you?
I love your unique voice.
I love your 'shepet' eyes.
I love your dimples that rarely can be seen but when it's appear,it's the most cutest thing.
I love they way your laugh.Your 'loud' laugh.Hahahaha.
I love every inch of your flawless not so flawless milky skin.
I love your hidden scar.
I love your eomma side.
I love your diva and annoying side.
I love it when you say the truth things although,sometimes some people can't accept it.
I love your playful,naughty and mischevious side.
I love your cute,hot,sexy,handsome,adorable,sweet side.
I love it when you making a skinship and bromance with SHINee members.
I love your skinny simple body that got a growing muscles in there.
I love everything you wear,you're are my only one Fashionista Boy.
I love your hair although your hair not always so nice.Hehehehe.
I love it when you dance.Any dance as long as it's by you.
I love it when you try or doing something new.
I love it when you choose Pink as your fav colours.
I love your kitty,shy,cutie sweet smile.
I love it when you play with SHINee members.
I love it when you being Captain FranKey.
I love your beautiful quotes.
I love your arts.
I love your character from all the fanfiction that I've read.
There.What else?
Have I mention Everything about Key?
Yeah.That's the thing.
Kim Kibum,he's not my Bias but he's my Ultimate Bias.
There's a different between those two rite.
Key,he's not my 1st neither 2nd bias but he will always be my Forever Ultimate Bias.
I've said this for many times.
No one can replace or take him from my heart.
What's so special about him that makes me love him so much?
I've say it too.Hehehe.
I love Key just the way he are.
Some people who just know him or only know him might think he's an annoying person.
Okay.He's annoying.
But only Shawols/Lockets know what kind of Key's Annoying.
His annoying side can't  make me hate him because I used to it.
It's just that,day by day I love him more.
I'm proud with him also.
Year by year,he makes a lot of improvement from himself.
His good acting skill from the musical 'Catch Me If You Can'.
I love you Captain FranKey!
His voice also getting so much better.
Eh~Hey~This boy that always makes me crazy.
Makes me smiling,grinning,giggling,laughing,crying,screaming all alone.
Dear Key,you're a sensitive person.
Do you know that it's breaking my heart to see you cry?
But I won't asking you not to cry.Just cry Baby if that can makes you feel relieved.
I will cry with you,Chagiya.
But Kibummie~When you're happy,I will be more happy.
Happy a lot,you know.
So,be happy always with SHINee memberdeul okay :)
Stay with SHINee for a long time.
Dear Kibummie~
I wanna thank you for what you've done to my life.
You Key,Onew,Jonghyun,Minho and Taemin.
Thanx for complete my life~
Kibum ah~
Thank you for making my heart choose you and SHINee.
Thank you for shining my life.
Thank you for making me happy when I'm sad.
Thank you for always cheering my up.
Thank you for being my precious inspiration.
Thank you for always be there with me.
Thank you for always making me 'crazy'.
Thank you for being my Ultimate Bias.
Thank you for everything you have done.
Thank you so much Dear Kim Kibum.
Key,Kim Kibummie,Key,Kitty,Chagiya,Yeobo,Bong,Baby,Darling Sweetheart,Love
It's all you Key.
I love you.
Really love you.
No words can explain how much I love you,Kim Kibum!
I will always loving you and support you.
I'm not going anyway because I'm just gonna stand by you and SHINee.
Kibum ah~Let's cherish our love together okay.
On One Fine Day,I believe that I will meet you and SHINee later.
Dreams do come true rite.
I'll be waiting for that day to come.
Key ah~Saengil Chuka Hamnida~
I hope you will have a blisfull day today on your birthday.
Sobs.Baby,I know you're tired but just enjoy your day.
Do something fun with after you rest later.
I'm listening to Keeping Love Again now.
I will keep my love for Key forever!
Kibum ah~Nomu-Nomu Saranghaeyo.
Kibummie~Keep smiling because you have the sweetest smile in the world that can makes me happy.
Last words,
I love you Kim Kibum,Thank You for everything ^_^

Okay~Ohay~I'm done with my speech to Key.Heee~Tehee.Hehehehe.Eh~Hey~I'm doing all this 'crazy' ( my one-side speech) things every year since I became a Shawol.But too bad I can't do a speech for Taeminie bcuz I'm too busy.Mianhae Taemin ah~ :( Uhu~I'm in dark now.My roomates already turn off the light even before I started to wrote this entry.Hahaha.I wrote in a dark.I'm with my lovely 'JongKey' here.Thanx for accompany me Baby.Btw,today me and Nini will celebrate Key's Birtday at somewhere in Key's Heart.Hahahaha.So,it's 1.53 am now! I shudda sleep rite and let my 'JongKey' and my whole body rest.So,Adios!

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