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Their Video Dairy
Saturday, February 11, 2012 | 11:21 PM | 0 comments
Hello everyone.Now sy mau buat entry pasal One Direction lagi.Hai~sy nie skrg x habis-habis dengan 1D ja kan.Maklumlah,saya nie kan tengah gila dengan 1D sekarang nie.Again,I'm crazy with them now.Chincha.Actually tadi sy buka fanpage SHINee tp ada sikit ja news pasal dorang.Taemin @ Immortal Song.He's done a really really good job again.Chukahae Taemin ah~Then,Minho with his sitcom.Minho is so cute.I'm proud with d SHINee Juniors.My SHINee seniors,where are you? I miss my SHINee boys.Okeyz,that's all about SHINee and there's some info n picslah.So,sy boring n ber-Tumblr.Tapi sy rasa macam tiada mood ja mau Tumblring.So,what did I do? I decide to watch 1D videos.Their video dairy.It'a a brand new dairy.But there's only 4 video dairy and all of d video dairy is really fun to watch.Here.
This 4 videos dairy and some random videos from them.Saya dengar dorang panggil Louis dengan sebutan 'Louie'.Tak taulah mungkin pasal accent British dorang yg sexy yg membuat panggilan dorang lain.My Louis what can I say?
 He is so funny,funny,funny,cute,cute,cute,cheeky,naughty and mischievious.Hahaha.Walaupun 3 ayat yg terakhir tue sama maksud dia tapi Louis mmg macam tue.So cute.Saya asyik ketawa tengok gelagat dia.Macam budak-budak owh.Suara Louis bila bercakap n menyanyi mmg sama.He has that husky and sexy voice.I love it. Then,Zayn with his Vas Happenin.So cute.Liam quite serious but he talk a lot,Harry being cute n quite at d same time n Niall he's laugh,laugh and laugh.Aissyhh~This 5 British boy really make me crazy n addicted to them day by day.Saya boleh dengar Zayn punya lenggok Pakistan/India bila dia bercakap.Especially in d first video when he appear.I found it's cute.I remember that when I read 1D facts d other day,they said that 2 of the 5 members from One Direction has a girlfriend now.It was believed that d 2 member is Louis n Liam.Owh~My Louis has a gf.But,it's ok.I still like him.It's not that I'm gonna end with him rite.So,I can accept that.As long they happy,I'm happy too.Actually all of them has a gf before.Now,now,now I can't stop listening to One Direction songs.Especially What Makes You Beautiful.I keep singing and singing that song and now I can memorize d lyrics.~Everyone else in the room can see it.Everyone else but you~

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