Sweet Love
SHINee Sherlock MV Teaser
Monday, March 19, 2012 | 4:21 PM | 0 comments
*whisper 'SHINee is Back'* Hello.Today's entry I'm not gonna talk much.Today is not the day.Wait after 21st March 2011.Yeah.That day.Jeng Jeng Jeng.Less than how many hours? Aigoo.So,that MV Teaser above is a must watch Teaser.It's awesome and there's so many words I want to say bout this teaser but I can't.I became so crazy last nite bcuz of SHINee.Also,all songs in SHINee's mini-album also released last nite.I became more crazy when listening to all SHINee's songs.One word,Daebak.You can listen to all SHINee's song here.I want to give lots of comment but this time is not the right time.But,a must hear song is Honesty.The lyrics is written by Jonghyun.The song that makes a lot of Shawols cried include me.Sweet.Palli click before they delete it.Enjoy :)

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