Sweet Love
Finally,I Did It
Thursday, March 01, 2012 | 3:03 PM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and Hye everyone.Up,Up,Up in the sky.It's been a long time since I didn't  update my beloved blog.Not too long lah actually.Okeyz,it's already March today rite.Definitely this is the month where all 94-liners in Malaysia include me will take their SPM results.I'm Scared,Nervous but Curious at the same time.Saya rasa semua pun begitu kan sekarang nie.Okey,berbalik kepada tajuk entry saya hari nie.Apa yg 'Finally,I Did It'? Let me tell now.Hehehe.Cuba tengok header saya  'Oh! My Sweet Love' yg colourful tue.The one that can move when you direct the cursor to it.Itulah benda yg 'Finally,I Did It'.Actually suda lama sy mau buat header sendiri tapi tidak kesampaian sebab ada beberapa kesulitan.And yes,bila sy suda selesai buat my own header,mmg saya berasa sangat puas,happy and bangga.Apa x bangga,hasil kerja sendiri kan.Sy tau sy mmg ketinggalan lagi sebab kebanyakan blogger mesti suda tau kan cara mau buat header.Tapi xperlah.Step by step,orang katakan.Walaupun header sy sangat simple tapi I'm happy with it.I tried my best.Lagipun,skrg nie sy x payahlah nak 'pinjam' header drpd blogger lain kan.Btw,I also change my header in my 2nd blog.You can check it out here.For me,it's simple but nice.Aigoo~x malulah perempuan nie puji hasil kerja sendiri.Igonere her.Ignore her.Sy start buat header nie waktu sy menyepikan diri dengan blog beberapa hari yg lalu.Waktu 1st sy buka Photoshop tue mmg susah.Terkial-kial sy tengok Tutorial n Photoshop sekali.Mula-mula Photoshop tue mmg susah nak handle.Tapi lepas beberapa hari sy try again and again,sy mula serasi dengan Photoshop n from that moment,sy ada try buat byak header.Hehehe.I Love It.It's really fun.Tapi yg paling penting,Thanks to Atiqah sebab without her,I can't make my own header.I refer to her Tutorials when I make my own header.Kamsahamnida chingu yah~and  my new background also from her Freebies.So,that's all for today.Maybe later,I'll show my own header.Btw,header sy yg di atas tue sy guna font yg sudah sedia ada di Photoshop.No need to downloads other fonts bcuz there's some fonts yg mmg cantik n perfect suda ada dalam Photoshop.Until here,Bye-Bye.Btw,kalo ada sesiapa mau buat request header macam sy tue,bolehlah inform sy kat my chatbox.Only header tulisan 3D okeyz.Itupun kalo adalah.Hehehe.Postman To Heaven~Here I Come~
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