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Sungyeol Facts
Thursday, February 23, 2012 | 3:40 PM | 5 comments
That flying kiss from Sungyeol is for you Asliza.Owh,hye.Assalamualaikum everyone.Hari nie saya mau buat entry pasal Infinite Sungyeol.Aikk,kenapa tiba-tiba ja sy buat entry pasal Sungyeol nie?? Actually there's someone make a request for this.My bestfriend.Dia nie minat Infinite n member yg dia paling suka ofcuzlah namja yg kat atas nie.Nie,first time sy buat entry pasal Infinite and I'll do my best.So,today I'll make as you wish chingu.Chulbal~Let's start with his biodata first.I'll make it as simple as I can so it will be easy to read and not too long.

Full Name-Lee Seungyeol
His Birthday-27 August 1991
Position in Infinite-Vocalist 
Height-180/183 cm
Blood Type-B
Fav colour-Everything except yellow
Ideal Type-A girl who is kind to their parents,doesn't act innocent and is pretty when she smiles :)

1.Sungyeol likes a younger girl than a nuna.
2.If Sungyeol wasn’t a singer, he would become a repeater of the Department of Theater and Film.
3.He has a lot of weak points like whenever he talks, he squeaks and he easily cries.
4. Sungyeol is the last member who join Infinite.
5.Sungyeol now is working hard to study English
6.Sungyeol’s precious thing is a letter from a fan.He keeps it in his desk and he’s going to laminate it.
 7.His nose is his best body part.
8.Sungyeol is the one who loves bullying his managers and his members.
9. Sungyeol claimed that he knows Chinese. But unfortunataly, he’s not fluent as he thinks.
10.Sungyeol is very emotional.
11.Sungyeol was in Acting part of SM Academy once before.
12.Sungyeol fears with ghosts.
13.Sungyeol would like to try a role which is strong yet funny like actors Yoo Haejin or Kim Changjung.
14.He's been called Choding because he acts like a little kid
15.He act as Yoon So Joon in a drama While You Were Sleeping

Okeyz,that's all from me and I hope this is enough.Saya harap apa-apa facts yg saya bagi tue xder yg salahlah.Don't blame me bcuz all d facts are copy and paste.1-15.I tried my best to search everything about Sungyeol.Saya suka gambar Sungyeol yg kedua tue sebab sy rasa dia nampak cute with that hair.Kalo ada sesiapa mau tengok tengok drama While You Were Sleeping yg ada Sungyeol tue,bolehlah tengok drama tue kat Channel 393.Until here,Annyeong.

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