Sweet Love
Key and AS Nana Feature in Kara's Nicole Tweet
Sunday, February 19, 2012 | 11:12 PM | 0 comments
Aww~They are so cute and sweet.I Love the 91-liners group.Keycole!!!!!! Yesterday Jongho attends KARASIA and today it's my Key!!!!! Owh~Key,I really miss miss you.I miss SHINee too :( Btw,I realize that SHINee especially JongMinKey always wear the same clothes now.Maybe,that's their fav rite.Hahaha.There's a rumor that SHINee will make a 4 or less comeback on April together with so many top groups.I'm really upset if it's true.Why?? Bcuz it April.The end of April SHINee would make The First Tour @ Japan.Means that SHINee only will make a comeback stage.How come?? If this is true,I'm willing to wait SHINee's comeback until July or August.SMent please don't do this to SHINee and Shawols.Make Shawols waiting are worth with SHINee's long and great comeback.Chebal~

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