Sweet Love
Cutie Keroro Drunk
Saturday, February 25, 2012 | 1:04 PM | 0 comments
Aigoo~ My Mr Keroro is so cute!!!!! Cuteness Overload.Minho yah~do you know how cute you are when you drunk?? I feel like I want to Kiss Kiss Kiss you.This is d 1st time I saw this Minho side.Actually Minhyuk side.Although this is just an acting,but I think this is d real Minho too when he drunk.I want to see all SHINee's drunk face.They must be so cute and funny just like Minhyuk/Minho above.But,I think I can imagine drunk Onew,Jonghyun and Key.Taeminie I'm not sure.Drunk Minho we can see in this video.
Ah~I can't help myself  when I watch this video.Aww~cute rite.Cute,cute and cute.Minho that we always seen as a hot guy transfrom into a cute boy in that video above.He's Minhyuk but I really can see Choi Minho in there.I like his voice when he sing then he 'uummcchh'.Choi Minho!!!! Saranghaeyo.

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