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Congrats One Direction :)
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | 8:52 PM | 0 comments
Hello,Hello.Any Directioner here?? Me.Me and Me.It's Me.Anyone watch BRIT Awards yesterday?? No one.Okeyz,what actually happen yesterday @ BRIT Awards? Let me tell you now.One Direction 'What Makes You Beautiful'  wins BRIT 2012  Best British Single.My One Direction won!!!!!! That's my fav song from them.The song which introduce me to One Direction.The song which makes me love One Direction.The song that makes me happy.I'm happy for them.Really happy.Congratulations Boys.Although I'm a really new fan to them but I'm proud and happy for them.This is their first ever BRIT Awards.But,there's some people cannot accept their winning bcuz they beat Adele.It's ok,I don't care bcuz 1D already win.It's happen already.Juz accept it.Actually,this is also d first time ever I search for BRIT Awards @ Youtube.I search for One Direction wins BRIT Awards and I found it.
For those who want to see 1D @ BRIT Awards yesterday and also their winning,you can watch the video above.This is so precious for One Direction and Directioner.I'm so happy when they win.When,I watch this video I'm so excited and I can't wait to see the boys reaction.They're happy when they win and I'm also very happy.I laughed when I heard my Louis give a speech.His British accent is so hot n funny for me.That 'fans' word is so sexy,Louie.Thank you for not forgetting us,the Directioner.Louis,you sexy naughty boy.How can you hit the man's butt? Hahahaha.That's d reason why I love Louis Tomlinson d most.Zayn Malik,yes that's rite.Pity him and he really should give some speech.But,it's ok bcuz this kinda situation always happen rite.Next time,my One Direction will win more awards.I'm proud to be one of d Directioner.Okeyz,I'm gonna post 2 pics of 1D with their precious awards.They are amazing and cute.
Aww~such a precious and happy moments for One Direction.

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