Sweet Love
Day 29- Your Favorite SHINee Moment
Friday, January 06, 2012 | 4:46 PM | 0 comments
Hello and Hye.
2nd last challenge for today.
I'm sad :(
Time flies so fast rite.
Actually this challenge should finish a long time ago but,bcuz of SPM I have to postpone this challenge.
So,continue again.
And,tomorrow is d last day!!!!
I should start now.
So,let's start.
For today's challenge,I'm gonna post some vidoes from my SHINee.
The vidoes that I like.
5 vidoes=5 member of SHINee.
The moment that I like from SHINee of cuz when SHINee being together as 1.
That's d most important thing for me.
I don't want my SHINee to separate or disband although I know one day they sure will.
But as a fan,I'm still hoping for a miracle.
I'm not sure if all d video that I post down here is moment or something else.
Start with this video.
Key is such a Diva!!!!
Poor On2min.
Key is show off but at d end,Jjong makes him want to faint with the Si do re mi -flat fa-sharp la-fat.
I know this is not that kinda moment for this challenge but I juz feel like I want to post this video here.
This is d best and also my fav ever.
I can't stop laughing when I watch this.
This is so funny,funny and funny.
But,aren't the girls pretty?
Yet,they are bitchy esp Jongkey.
Okeyz,I know this d rite moment.
SHINee is together as 1.
This moment is too precious.
Nothing can beat it.
"SHINee Jjang,Uljima"
SHINee's appa n eomma,what are you two doing?
The others are preparing for breakfast but this two are 'playing' something??
Oppss..Don't get me wrong.
Last but not least.
I like that moment when SHINee being playful,sweet and cute together.
As long as SHINee happy,I'll be happy too :)
That's d best thing.
SHINee cute.
SHINee is d sweetest thing ever.
Okeyz,until here.
I don't want to talk much.
So,let's juz continue on d last challenge tomorrow.
Wanna be sweet?
Play SHINee <3
Before that,let's juz see my real last fav SHINee moment.

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