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Day 27- Your Favorite SHINee Couple Pairing With Any Other K-Pop Star
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 | 4:22 PM | 0 comments
Wah~Only 4 SHINee member in this pic.
Someone is missing.
Means that,I don't have any favorite K-Pop star with Jjong.
Kiddin,I have.
Dun worry Jjong,I'm not that bad that I would leave you behind.
Okeyz,so let's start with Onew first.
There's no suitable pics so I juz gonna post a video today.
Onew pair with-Lee Joon,Kikwang,Seungyeon,Junhyung.
Too much reading fanfics.But,I love this pair.Cute.
Love d Dream Team part.
Shawols especially MVPs knows rite that Onew is really close with Kikwang and Lee Joon.
They are a good friends,
Besides that,Lee Joon is  one of d SHINee's fanboy.
Lee Joon loves Onew.
Next,I skipped Jongyhun.
So,I'm gonna go to Key first.
Key pair with-Jaejin,Dongwoon,Mir,Jinwoon,and Nicole.
But,I also like to see Key with Dongho.
Let's see Key with Dongho first.
Next,if Key,of cuz no other than his 91 line friends.
From all age lines in Korea,I think d most famous is this line above.
We can see some of their pics nowadays.
How cute and loveable.
Then,Key with a girl.
His best friend forever.
I'm a big fan of Keycole.
I juz love the way they love each other as a close friends.
Some says they are lovers,but I don't think so.
They juz a sweet and cute close friends.
Fanfics  again.
Okeyz,done with Key.
Now,let's go to Minho.
Minho pair with Kyu-line and Yuri.
Aww~Sweet bromance.
Minho,Kyuhyun and Changmin.
The cockblock group.
When this 3 handsome guys meet,they become mischivieous.
Minho always hyungwhore.Hahahaha.
They look sweet together.
I wonder if Minho and Yuri have a real kiss here.
How will fans react?
I guess so.
Okeyz,now SHINee's cute maknae.
Taemin pair with Sulli.
I know there's some fans out there hate Sulli bcuz a lot of people pair her with Taemin.
But,I found they cute although they don't have any relationship.
Juz a friends rite.
I put CF here.
Okeyz,end with Taemin means end of today's challenge.
I think I miss one member.
No,not real miss actually.
I juz wanna put Jjong at last.
So,Jjong with who?
This is d new one.
Jonghyun with Jonghyun.
SHINee and CN Blue.
I also like Jjong pair with half of Shuju hyungs.
Aww~My Jonghyun is so sweet.
Okeyz,this is a real end.

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