Sweet Love
Day 25-A SHINee Member That Recently Impressed Me
Monday, January 02, 2012 | 8:06 PM | 2 comments
Hello again.
Let's juz start.
Before 1st January 2012,I choose Taemin for the SHINee member that recently impressed me.
But after I watch SHINee perfomance @ MBC Gayao Daejun 1st Jan 2012,I change it.
Sorry Taemin.
I choose Jonghyun.
That handsome guy above.
I juz think that Jjong's perfomance is so so incredible and hot.
With his powerful voice and hot body,no doubt.
Bcuz this challenge is 'recently' it's Jonghyun.
I still can't forget the way Jjong walks with his hot body after SHINee finish sings Lucifer with the background 
~SHINee is Back~
Hotness and sexy overload.
Owh~Jjong's voice.
When he sing that lucifer remix part.
I really like it.
All SHINee member make it.
I'm a proud Shawols.
Yeah (^_^)
Kim Jonghyun,that flirty guy.

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