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Choi Minho Give Me Hope :)
Monday, January 16, 2012 | 8:26 PM | 0 comments
Hello~Hello.I wanna talk a bit about Mr.Keroro and SHINee today.Juz a short entry.On today's Press Conference for 'Salamander Guru',Minho 1st sitcom he hinted about SHINee's comeback".We will return soon," Minho said.All Shawols already know rite that Minho gonna acting on a sitcom that called Salamender Guru and The Shadows.Chukahae Minho ssi.He's an actor now.But that sitcom only has 10 episodes.Minho also said @ the PC that, there might be a possibility that SHINee will make a cameo appearance in the sitcom.Such a really really good news for Shawols rite.This is the hope that I talk about.I really really  hope all SHINee members  gonna do a cameo in Minho's sitcom.I want to see all of them acting together.Hehehehe.Who doesn't want kan?? Chebal~Chebal~Okeyz,about the hint that Minho said "We will return soon",when?when?when?Jongkey also already gives hint about their comeback but until now there's only 0.I can't take it anymore.Shawols have been waiting for a very  long long time already.I remember when I was reading my old post from this blog today,I've been talking and waiting for SHINee's comeback since March 2011.Now,it's Jan 2012 already.Almost one year.SHINee ah~Chebal.Stop teasing us about the comeback hint.Announce d official date for SHINee's comeback.Juz make it comes true.Please make it on Feb or March 2012.April to July doesn't have chance bcuz SHINee will go to Japan to make The First Japan Tour.If SHINee make a comeback on August,I really don't know what to say.Maybe juz this.'SMent too cruel bcuz they make SHINee and Shawols wait for so long'.Please don't do that.Btw,chukahae to Taemin also bcuz today he's already started recording for Immortal Song 2.Daebak Taemin!!!!! Our maknae is doing so well right now rite.It's been a really long time I didn't hear any news about our leader Onew since he fall sick last week.I hope he's fine now.SHINee seniors are silent now while SHINee juniors are recording for a sitcom and IS 2.
Hermm..for those who doesn't know who are SHINee seniors  and SHINee juniors,they are my SHINee but I split them into a group sometimes.It's my own idea.Hehehehe.SHINee seniors permanent member is Onew and Jonghyun while permanent members for SHINee juniors is Minho and Taemin.For Key,bcuz he's a centre member I called him both.He can be seniors also juniors.But, in today's entry he's a SHINee seniors.Okeyz,that's all for today.Bye-Bye.

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