Sweet Love
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | 11:40 PM | 0 comments
*cough*cough*Listening to a very sweet and cute song*Hello~Hello.Yeap.It's Jongkey again.I've been talking about Jongkey for so many time in my blog.Rite.And tonight,it's them again.Yesterday,17th Jan two of them went on a shopping date in Japan.Everything happened in one day.People spotted them so news got spread.Jongkey went to eat crepe and the part-timer recognized them,shooked hands with them.The funny thing is Jjong used his credit card to pay for Key.For me,it's like a boyfriend spends his girlfriend and pay for everything that his girlfriend buys.Hahahaha.Jjong didn't buy anything and he juz looking at d clothing and Key of cuz shopping,shopping and shopping.*cough*cough* Kibum ah~you have to learn to save some of yours and Jjong's money.It's a real date  for only one day.Chu~Ehem,ehem btw Korean Jongkey already date and tomorrow Malaysian Jongkey gonna have a date together.Hehehehe.Who is Malaysian Jongkey?? Hahahaha.It's me and my girlfriend.Stop.Stop.Kiddin.Kiddin.There's no one can replace Jongkey in this world.I only approve Korean Jongkey.Hehehehehe.Ignore this :) Actually me with my bestfriend,Syafini.After not seeing each other for more than one month,tomorrow is the day!!!! Yeah,I'm so excited.I miss her and Syera also.Actually I miss all of my classmates.Chingu yah~Chingu yah~Chingu yah~Saranghae <3.Love Jongkey also.They are d perfect copure.Aww~Sweet.But,I Love Onkey too.Onew~where are you?When will Shawols see you again?Sob~sob.Okeyz.Until here.Bye-Bye.
Btw,this is d fanart Jongkey @ airport from Japan back to Korea.Seeing Jongkey moments make me happy.Seeing SHINee cute fanart also makes me happy.Aren't you happy too?Shake that~

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