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SPM Is Over!!!!
Tuesday, December 06, 2011 | 8:49 PM | 4 comments
Hye~Jumping,Jumping,Jumping Up~Lalalalalalala~Step it up,step it up~Sings all Kara songs.
Yahoo!!!!!!! Wohoo!!!!!!! SPM is over.I'm no longer a school student.It's a sad thing when I realize about that.There's a lot of happy n sad moments when I was a school student.I will always keep that moment in my mind.Okeyz,today's papers is Okay.Ekonomi Asas Paper 1 n 2.Tidak terlalu senang n tidak terlalu susah.In d middle lah.But,yesterday paper is Hard!!!! It was Akaun Paper 1 n 2.Paper 1 was Okay but Paper 2 for Akaun is so hard.Wae no question for Penyata Pendapatan?Arrgghh!!!!! Okeyz,past is past.It's all over.Actually,there's a lot of things that I want to after this.Maybe start from tonight.Bcuz SPM is over,no more study until late at night,I planned to watch Heartstrings late night today.I bought d CD last week.Yeah!!!!! I've been waiting so long to watch Heartstrings n now here's d time.I already log in my FB after  more than 2 months I didn't opened it.I miss FB but I think blog is more interesting now.Hehehehe.So,maybe my panda eyes will more lightly after this.Other thing that I want to do is  add a shoutbox in my blog.Then,arrange all d many pics that I already save especially SHINee's pics that is more than 20 000++.Then,this Saturday I wanna buy Korean Drama CD with my friends n enjoy with them!!!!!! Honestly,I actually think today will be d most saddest day in school more than d day when we hug our teachers bcuz it's our last day at school.But,it shocked me bcuz there's no one of my classmates cried today.Include me.We are just hugging each other.That's all.Maybe bcuz we are too happy.Yayaya.Rite.But,yesterday when I study for E.A i was a little bit sad when I  remember that today gonna be d last @ school.We will only come back to d school when taking our results.Yup.I will miss school n friends.Okeyz,here it is,I am so ready to do a lot of things!!!!!!! Chubal!!!!!!

p/s-Tomorrow SHINee The First will released!!!!!!

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