Sweet Love
Last Christmas~
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | 10:47 PM | 0 comments
Next Christmas~I marry SHINee~
Juz kiddin.
It's not christmas yet and I don't celebrate christmas.
But,I'm happy if it's chritsmas bcuz a lot of my frens celebrate x'mas n also The Boys.
I'm happy for them bcuz it's a happy day for them  juz like Hari Raya Aidilfitri for Muslims.
And now,I think I have my own Christmas fav song.
What song??
Last Christmas by SHINee!!!
Aigoo~This song is too sweet and cute.
Can I say that this song is the best Christmas song that I've ever heard??
SHINee's english is so good.
Their voice is so different when they sing english songs.
Sexy n  more deeper <3
Ah~I really like this song.
It's about christmas and Love.
How sweet~
Actually this song is not originally by SHINee.
Too bad :(
It will be more wonderful if this song is SHINee's original song.
Last Christmas is originally by Wham,a British Pop Duo.
It's an old song and was released on 1984.
But then,this song has been covered by many artists until now.
Click here to have more information about this song.
Wikipedia is so fast cuz we can already  see SHINee's name on d many list.
Other than SHINee,I like d cover from  click Ashley Tisdale.
But of cuz between d many-many artists,I still choose SHINee as d best singer for this song.
Aku Cinta Padamulah SHINee~
I hope 1 day I can celebrate Hari Raya with them.
Aigoo~My craziness come again.
I should stop.

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