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Happy Happy Birthday Lee Jinki
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 1:17 PM | 4 comments
It's a beautiful day today.
14th December.
It's an important date for Shawols especially MVP(s) today cuz it's someone b'day today.
It's Lee Jinki of SHINee!!!!!
Take a look at d pic of  him above.
Aren't he look so handsome??
Yes,he is.
Much handsome.
That's my fav pic of  this cute b'day boy.
Before I wish him,as usual let me sing first.
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Sarangahaneun Lee Jinki~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
Happy Birthday Lee Jinki.I hope he will always success in everything he do and also with SHINee memberdeul.
Please stay healthy and happy.
Don't stop being SHINee's mischievious leader.
Okeyz,since it's Lee Jinki who much known as Onew b'day today let me talk about him.
Who is Onew?
Well,he's d responsible leader of my favo group,SHINee.
For me, Onew is the best group leader in this world.
No one can beat him.
There's one thing that I can't forget about him as SHINee's leader.
There's a moment @ SHINee World Concert when SHINee sing One.
The encore song @ that concert.
So,all Shawols start to cry bcuz they moved with SHINee.
Then,Onew asked Shawols not to cry but he's d one who also cry.
He try to hiding his tears but he can't cuz Shawols notice that.
When I see that,I feel so touched with him.
I can't help myself to cry too.
Onew always hiding his tears.
Juz cry Onew.It's ok.
Maybe bcuz he's d leader so he didn't want his member n fans to cry.
Such a good leader.
This b'day boy can be cute,hot,sexy,handsome,funny,romantic and also caring.
That's Onew.
But he most known with Onew Condition.
That Condition that makes him cute,clumsy and funny.
But,I'm sure  bcuz of that Condition he also makes a lot of babe like him.
Can I say that,I'm the one of d babe??
Yup,it's me.
Next,his voice.
Although he's not d main vocalist of SHINee but he's voice is so nice.
He has that yummy voice that can makes me melt.
Whether it's Ballad or Happy song,he's voice is still d best.
Ah~I really like Onew's voice.
Then,I love his bunny teeth.
It's so cute rite.
Talk about bunny,there's two animals that resembles Onew.
One is rabbit @ bunny bcuz of his teeth and d other one is..
Onew is so famous with his character in SHINee who really really really really really like  to eat Chicken.
No matter what type of chicken it is,Onew loves it especially KFC.
Onew also has many talent.
I juz hope today he will celebrate his b'day with SHINee and post that pic.
The End of all SHINee member birthday for this year.
So,last but not least.
Happy Birthday again Lee Jinki Onew Dubu Chicken Lover.
Please don't stop smiling bcuz you has d sweetest smile that can make me melt.
Never change yourself and juz be the way you are.
Cuz Shawols love you juz the way you are.
I Love You Dubu :)
Saranghae.Nomu Saranghae <3
Happy Birthday to my lovely Mother also :)
I Love my mother and Onew!!!!!!!

Much Love,

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