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Happy Happy Birthday Choi Minho D Ace
Friday, December 09, 2011 | 1:26 PM | 0 comments
Hohohohohohoho~I'm a Santa.
Hello~Hello~It's me.
Okeyz,today is 9th of December.
I think someone is gonna celebrate his birthday today.
It's Choi Minho of SHINee!!!!!!!
It's Him.
The rapper of SHINee.
The one who sing 'Dibidibidis  My Name Is Minho'
Let me sing for him first.
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Saranghaneun Choi Minho~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
Happy Birthday Choi Minho.I hope he will always success in his career with SHINee memberdeul and also in everything he do.
Stay healty,fit and most importantly happy.
It's his 21st b'day in Korea but Internationally it's his 20th.
He's still young.
Let me talk about this Charming Birthday Boy.
What do I like about him?
First of all,I want to Thank him bcuz without him,I will never know about SHINee.
He's d one who introduce me to SHINee when I watch Dream Team.
He's such a great guy in DT that makes me want to know more about him.
Then,I know about SHINee n that's all thanks to him.
Thank You Choi Minho.I Love You.
Of cuz he's my 1st bias when I'm with SHINee but it changes after I know SHINee more.
Mianhae Minhossi.But honestly,until now Minho is d member who disturb my bias list.Chincha.
In SHINee,what is Minho role??
Minho is d most caring member for me n also d most gentleman one.
It can be proven when another SHINee member cry,he's always d one who will calm,comfort n hug them.
Such a sweet guy.That thing is d thing that makes me adore n like him so much.
How can a girl not love him when seeing his good side.
Also,Minho is a romantic guy.Those who will be his future girlfriend will be d luckiest girl.
He's a good rapper n nowadays he's also a good singer.Hey,Choi Minho can sing.
Minho has a nice body.Yayaya.Hehehehe.He has that six packs of namja.
He's a guy who famous with hyungwhoring especially with SJ hyung.
All of SHINee member have an animal who resembles them n Minho is a Frog Guy.
Wae Frog?Juz look ath his big round eyes.
He's cute rite.Say Yes.
I like to see his smile.
He's a really good athlete.
I can say that between all K-Pop Idol, Minho is d Greatest.Until now,for me there's no one can beat his great skill in sports.That's why he's an Ace.
A Great Ace.
Choi Minho of SHINee is sweet,cute,hot,charming,caring,handsome,amazing,great,sexy,kind and romantic.
He's my Prince Charming.
There's a lot of girl choose him as a Idol who will be a good boyfriend.
That's bczu he's a charming guy.
I Love Choi Minho Juz The Way He Are.
He's not perfect but for me he's perfect enough.
Minho The Flaming Charisma of SHINee.
The most popular member in SHINee.
He's a good member,rapper,singer,actor n now he's being a good n famous MC.
We can see Minho being MC in everywhere nowadays.
Minho has that great skills.
I wonder what is Minho doing right now?
I hope  he will celebrate his b'day with his charming cute members n of cuz it is rite.
As a Shawol,I realize that it's hard to see Minho cry.He'a tough guy.But who knows his feeling rite.
Okeyz,I think I already wrote a long long wish for Choi Minho.
Although,I know that Minho n also JongkeyOntae will never know about me I will always Love them.
I'm juz a girl who like them from far far away.
Like A Fairytale??
I juz hope one day,I'll be able to meet all of them.SHINee.
So,Minho.Happy Birthday Again.
Please don't stop smiling bcuz you have the sweteest smile that can make me melt.
I Love You With All Of My Heart.
Always Love,Choi Minho.
Nomu Nomu Saranghae My Prince Charming Ace Choi Minho <3

Much Love,

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