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Day 23-The SHINee Member I Think Has The Best Body
Saturday, December 31, 2011 | 2:18 PM | 0 comments
Wah~today is d last day of 2011.
Tomorrow gonna be another year.
All artist have their comeback for 2011,except one.
Good Job SMent,SHINee doesn't have a Korean Songs and make a comeback on 2011.
SMent is Lucifer.
Cut it.
Means that,today gonna be d last day I update challenge for 2011.
Lucky challenge.
Okeyz,so what lucky challenge is about today?
Well,let's see.
Best Body!!!!!!
And d winner for d SHINee member who has the best body goes to
Dibidibidis,his name is Keroro.
No no no.
Don't get me wrong.
Choi Minho d Ace!!!!!
Actually nowadays,Jonghyun and Taemin also have that six pack of namja.
But,I think Minho is d one who have the best.
Bcuz he's always show that body when he sing Omg @ SWC.
He also tell at any interview that he always work out to make his body as great as now.
Minho is such a sexy nice boy.
I like to call Minho Keroro now since I saw my Bong called him that.
This is what my Bong says when he saw Minho's pic when Minho still a little boy.
'Is that Keroro?'
Bad you Bong,but I think it's funny.
But Minho do resembles a frog bcuz of his round eyes.
Okeyz,until here.
Bye-Bye 2011 challenge.
Tomorrow gonna start with 2012 challenge.

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