Sweet Love
Day 22-If I Could Spend A Day With My Bias In SHINee,We Would..
Friday, December 30, 2011 | 6:21 PM | 0 comments
My Diva with a balloon!!!
I really love him with black hair.
I haven't seen Key for a long time.
Miss him.
I juz see d pic where SHINee wear a black clothes and all of them have a new haircut.
Key is not blonde anymore,I think so.
Tomorrow,I'll see him @ MBC Gayo Daejun.
Yeah..tomorrow SHINee will perform.
Okeyz,let's start today's challenge.
Borrow d word from Mr.Keroro again.
Actually today's challenge is same with yesterday challenge but the only difference is yesterday is SHINee and today is my bias.
Yeorobun,who is my bias?
Kim Kibum@Key@Kibummie@Bong@Keymera@Diva@Kitty@Eomma
Wah~so many names but it's d same person.
Looks like I have to dream again juz like yesterday to make this challenge.
This challenge needs me to dream bcuz it will never happen in reality
(In My Dream)
If I can spend a day with Key,I will greet him first.
Then,I shake his hand and then juz like when I meet SHINee,I'll hug him.
Then,after a little talk,we will go shopping.
Shopping,shopping and shopping.
Then,we will go to amusement park.
Without SHINee and only Key with me,we will holding hands @ d amusement park juz like a lover.
So sweet.
Then,Key and me will play everything @ d amusement park except one.
It's roller coaster.
I know Key don't like roller coaster so we will not ride it.
Eat ice cream and cotton candy.
We'll take a lot of pictures.
Drink coffee.
Next,we will go to cinema to watch horror movie.
I know Key have a hate/love relationship with horror movie so I'll bring him.
We'll share a popcorn.
I put my head @ Key's shoulder when we watch that horror movie.
Then,I'll bring Key to my home to cook for me .
Bu I would love him to bake me a cake or cookies.
I can keep it for a long time.
I loved him so much that I 'm willing to listen to his nag over a  little thing.
Next,we will riding a bicycle @ Nami Island.
Last but not least,I would like him to sing me a song.
I want to listen to his solo voice.
Before Key leaves,I'll give him a letter from me.
That letter contains a words that I can't speak to Key in front of him.
It's about his attitude and behaviour and something else.
Key accept my letter and I smile :)
Take picture for d last time.
Then we will hug for d last time.
Shake hands again say our goodbyes.
I watch him leaves until I can't see his shadow.
Bye-Bye Key :)
Hope we will meet someday again.
Ring Ding Dong Ring Ding Dong Ring Di Gi  Ding  Ding Ding.
Time to wakkie up.
I wake up from the beautiful dream again.
I want to dream you and meet you.
Dear Key,please come into my dream today and anytime you want.
Come into my dream~
Okeyz,until here.
I would stop bcuz I'm over d limit already.
Nonsense and nonsense.
Crazy and crazy.
Mianhada Saranghanda,Bong ah~
My Baby Key Bong.

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