Sweet Love
Day 21- If I Could Spend A Day With SHINee,We Would..
Thursday, December 29, 2011 | 6:21 PM | 2 comments
My Shining Boys.
I miss them so much.
When when when will they do a comeback  @ Korea.
Sometimes,I'm waiting with patiently and sometimes I'm not.
Let's start today's interesting challenge!!!!
Looks like today's challenge ask me to dream again.
Okeyz,in my dream.
(In My Dream)
What will I do if I can spend a day with my SHINee?
On our first meet,I will shake their hands first.
Then,I will hug them from Onew to Taemin.
I will ask them a lot of question that I'm curious about.
After that,I will take SHINee to amusement park.
We will play together and laughing together.
I want to ride a roller coaster with SHINee.
Then,we went to Karaoke room and sing SHINee's song.
I will bring SHINee to a restaurant to eat with them.
Drink coffee with them.
Ride in SHINee or Minho's car.
We went to Nami Island.
Then again,I'll bring SHINee to my home.
I want SHINee to look at all my stuff that have relationship with them.
Hey,I'm a Fangirl.
Next,SHINee and me will play with snow and make a snowman.
Last but not least,I'll ask SHINee to sing any song that they like to me in front of me.
After that,SHINee will do an aegyo face.
I'll take a lot of pictures with them before they leaves.
Then,we shake hands again and bow and we say our goodbyes.
I waved my hands to them.
I look at SHINee until they dissapear from my view.
I smile and cry.
Bye-Bye SHINee.
And I hope we will meet someday again :)
Wake up,wake up.
Time to wake up.
End of my beautiful dream.
Is that enough for one day??
I guess so.
Uh~I hope my dream will come true.
I really want to meet SHINee even for juz one day.
I want to spend a day with them so we can do all d things that I've been dream.
But,since I like SHINee,I never dream about them actually.
Such a sad thing.
I want to dream about SHINee.
Come into my dream~
My craziness already come so,I stop here.
Before it's getting worst.
Saranghae SHINee yah~
Look at this,SHINee also ask me to stop about all this thing.
Not Taemin actually but me.

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