Sweet Love
Day 20-A Picture Of My Bias With Someone Else I Like In Another Group
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 | 5:45 PM | 0 comments
Oh! My Jongkey!!!!
Althought the red thing in this pic is 100% edit,I juz love this pic.
Kinda real.
Well,my bias is Key so now I'm gonna post his pic about today's challenge.
This is when Key,Gikwang and Kwanghee performed @ Music Bank last year.
They sing Magic Girl and it's so cute!!!!!
I like this pic bcuz Key is with my bias in Beast.
Although Key and Gikwang not that close in real life,I juz really like this pic bcuz they are together.
Another pic.
Does this count??
6 in 1 pic.
Well,of cuz d pics where Key with his 91-line friends.
Nicole,Mir,Dongwoon,Jinwoon,Jaejin and actually not excluded Mr.Keroro although he's in the same group with Key.
This pic is not full with d all 91-line member.
Woohyun is also 91-line member now rite.
Actually I want to see a pic where all 91-line member take pic together.
It will be perfecto.
Okeyz,I stop here.
10 Days to go before I finish this challenge.

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