Sweet Love
Day 17- The SHINee Member That I Would Keep As A Secret If We Dated
Sunday, December 25, 2011 | 3:47 PM | 0 comments
It's Chritsmas today.
So,no more words and let's juz start todays challenge.
Who will be?
But poor this guy kan.
For my choice it's this boy.
Ya.My ultimate bias.
My Bong.My Key.
Mianhae Key.
Why I choose him?
Sebab Key nie kan orangnya jenis yg suka cakap lepas.
And he act like a Diva.
So,it's a bit dangerous when I bring him to my parents.
But,I'm so sure when Key's real girlfriend for the future bring Key meet her parents Key will be a good guy and gentleman.
SHINee is a good guy.
That's all for today.
Before that,meet my Good Boy Bad Boy :)

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