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Day 16- The SHINee Member I Would Take To My Parents If We Dated
Saturday, December 24, 2011 | 2:23 PM | 0 comments
I'm back.
Back doing this SHINee 30 Days Challenge after stop for many weeks bcuz of SPM.
And here I am today doing the challenge for Day 16.
So, let's start.
Woah~For me the challenge for today is interesting and a little bit 'perasan' punya chellenge kan.
Doesn't matter if it's 'perasan' or not but I would be so happy if I can date SHINee.
So,which member?
It's that Keroro Guy.
Dibidis My Name is
Ya,Choi Minho.
Why I choose him?
Bcuz juz look at his character in SHINee.
Aren't that his the most good guy in SHINee?
I'm not trying to say that the other 4 member is not good but the other 4 is naughty sometimes n always actually.Minho also naughty but he didn't show it.
He only tell about his naughty side @ SHINee's member b'day.
Minho is like d big brother in SHINee.
There's a video when Onkey is in Sangtae action,then Minho is like ask them to stop it.
Juz watch this video below.
Such a mischevious boy.
If u watch this video until d end you can see Minho in action.
Of cuz when I dated I would like to have a funny guy like Onkey.
But,when it's about parents of cuz our parents wants to see that good side of d boy.
So,I think Minho suits that.
Also,Minho is caring and gentleman and romantic.
Actually all SHINee members are caring rite.
But this dated thing only my big imagination.
But the truth is when we like someone no matter he's good or naughty we will have the courage to introduce him to our parents rite.
Okeyz,end session for my 'perasan' challenge for this day.
 I will continue d next day with vice versa challenge.
Meet my dated for today :)

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