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Their Last Concert
Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 3:58 PM | 2 comments
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So,yesterday dengan rasminya berakhirlah SHINee World Tour Concert for this year.Adakah ini bermakna yg sudah tiba masanya untuk SHINee sy practice for their new comeback early next year?? I hope so.Now,SHINee otw to Las Vegas for Billboard K-Pop Masters.I hope after that they will get a good rest.In Osaka Concert,there's a lot of cute mistakes from SHINee members n also cute moments.Aww~I Love Their Adorableness.Whenever I listen to One by SHINee I will automatically feel so sad.I feel like want to cry but not cry.Hehehehehe.Today,I found that song with Malay Sub.The lyrics is so meaningful.Check it out below.
This is from SHINee's very first concert @ Japan.I have d CD version of this.I cried while watching this for the 1st time when I played d CD.Time flies so fast n it's already their last concert.I'm sure that I'm gonna miss all SHINee's cute moments from all of their concert.They are so playful macam saya.Huhuhuhuhu.Yayaya.Love Forever,Last Forever.
I want Etude stuff :)

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