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SHINee unleashes Japanese PV for “Lucifer”!
Monday, October 03, 2011 | 6:25 PM | 0 comments
Wah!!!!!!!! Finally d one that I've been waiting for is released today.I'm so happy n happy.N as usual,like I always said about my SHINee they look so hot,cool,macho,awesome,handsome,cute n adorable in this MV.Too much words too describe my loviest boyz.I really like their MV.Can I just say that I like this more than Korean Version?I mean d MV.The song I like both version although there are so many people says that d JV song is weird n fail.Do I Care?I don't even care.If u Love SHINee,juz accept it.That's perfect.But of cuz no one can forget KV MV rite.That awesome MV n song that makes SHINee is so popular n well known.Chukahae for Lucifer.In this JV MV,I also really like their outfit especially the white one.They look pure n cool with d white one.N of cuz I will look more into my bias,Key.Honestly,d reason why I like JV MV more than KV MV bcuz of this guy.His hair.I like his hair in this JV MV.He looks cool,cute n hot.But that doesn't mean I'm not into d other members.All I can say is all d boys is equally hot n awesome.I juz Love them so much.Nothing can beat them in my heart.So,my rate for d boyz is 10/10.Can I  juz give them 100/100.Okeyz,wat I don't like is when so many people says that SHINee's Japanese are not good.Come on lah,SHINee are not Japanese.They are Koreans.They need time to learn Japanese n I believe that all of them are trying so hard.Good for them.But in my hearing,d boyz Japanese are good n nice.Kiss Kiss Kiss is not an easy song when I 1st tried to sing that song.But SHINee sings that song with full of their heart.Bcuz of that,I really like that song.So,please don't talk a bad things about my boyz.I really don't like it and Hate It.I'm sorry if my words are harsh but that's d real me.You say a bad things about my SHINee,u will get my words.Uh~I think I'm being so serious.Wae so serious?
Okeyz,actually I'm a little bit sad bcuz when I go to allkpop.com,most popular story is about my boyz lah.
SHINee unleashes Japanese PV for “Lucifer”!.I'm not sad bcuz d popular but bcuz I can't like d news through FB.Ahh~so sad.I also can't put d news proudly on my wall.Honestly,I miss FB.But I need hold it.I had to endure it.Mianhae SHINee ah~Usually,if there's any SHINee's news from allkpop,I will like it n it will appear on my FB wall.But this time,I can't.I juz hope when it's time for SHINee Comeback at Korea,I will able to do it n post on my FB.SHINee ah~Please make a comeback after 14th Dec this year.

Lots of Love,

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