Sweet Love
Ride it SHINee ah~
Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 5:46 PM | 38 comments
This is so hillarious!!!!! All Shawols should watch this.Our boyz are so adorable.They are so funny here.Hahahaha.Key!!!!!!!!!! He's screaming like a girl.He's afraid with height.Even in Yunhanam he also scream.Hahahahahaha.Actually all of them are screaming.But d funniest part  is when Onew,Key n Minho ride d roller-coaster,Onew still could sing Lucifer Japanese version.Minkey is scream n say something funny for me.They said 'Holy Shit We're Going To Die Ahhhhh Fuck Oh My God!!!!!!!'. There's also a sweet moment between On2min.Onew n Minho fix Taemin's hair after he n Jjong ride d roller coaster.Jjong bullying Key to ride the roller coaster alone although all of them knew that Key's afraid with height.Naughty but too sweet.My OT5 is to sweet here.Love them so much.WOW!!!!!!!!

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