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It's A Tagged Thing :)
Sunday, October 23, 2011 | 3:08 PM | 4 comments
Hello~Hello~ Semalam saya telah ditagged oleh Birthday Girl!!!!!! Nurul Atiqah @Onqah. First time nie saya kena tagged di blog.Thanx for d tag chingu yah~ :) So,tanpa membuang masa let's start d tag-tag things now.

11 Things About Me

*My fullname is Nur Raihan bt Abdul Malik.
*I was born at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah,Klang,Selangor on 1994.
*My birthdate is 6 June n I shared d same birthdate with Kim Hyun Joong,Son Dongwoon n Kim Hyunah :)
*I have 50 collections of comics from Gempak Starz.(The comic with cute Japanese love story,not d one yang lawan-lawan.e.g-Pelayan Rahsia)
*I'm chubby but I want to lose my weight n start a diet after SPM.
*My fav western food is Cordin Bleu from Secret Recipe.
*Hate Justin Bieber,Love Zac Efron n David Archuleta
*I really loved to watch Korean Drama n bcuz of that I've already spend my money to buy 11  Korean Drama
*Now I stay in Kota Kinabalu but I ever lived in Kelana Jaya for 4 years.
*Sometimes,I feel that I'm an annoy person n I can be rude if someone says a bad things about me n d person that I loved.
*SHINee is my only Love.I'm single n I'm happy without someone who called 'Boyfriend' bcuz I have my SHINee :)

Now,it's time to answer d questions from Onqah.Chuball!!!!!

1.what is your real name?
(Nur Raihan bt Abdul Malik)

2.what is your nickname?
(Raihan,Nonoi,An,Rai-an,Rainee,Key Wifey)

3.what is your favourite colour?
(Pink,Blue,Purple,Green n White)

4.what type of music you like most?

5.what kind of books you like to read?
(e-pop,comics n novel)

6.If you're a Kpopper,who's your bias?
(Key from SHINee)

7.Top 3 your favourite K-Pop group.
(SHINee,Beast,Super Junior)

8.Your favourite song?
(One,Mistakes,Miss You,The Boys,Ring Ding Dong,In Heaven,Kiss Kiss Kiss,Dreaming)

9.Novel or Manga?

10.Facebook or Twitter?
(Facebook.My Twitter has been hacked by a shit person)

11.What's ur hobby?

My questions to people who were Tagged

1.What is ur nicknames?
2.Have you ever fall in love?
3.How many bestfriends do you have when you at school?
4.What is ur fav food?
5.Which places u want to visit someday?
6.When was the last time you cried?
7.Which subject you like the most?
8.What is ur fav drama?
9.Korea or Japan?
10.What name will you give to your child in the future?
11.Friend or Love?

Tagged You
Nurul Atiqah @ Onew Wifey
Aina Syazana

Thank You.

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