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The Girls Are Back!!!!!
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 5:49 PM | 0 comments
Girls,Bring The Boys Out!!!!!!!Palli make SHINee comeback!!!!!!!!Pup,Bring The Boys Out!!!!!
Girls Generations Are Back!!!Daebak!!!! I like it.The MV,d song,the girls,the dance,the rap,their dress.I post d Eng Version of d MV.
It's perfect but not too perfect.I think I like Oh! more.Well,everyone has their own opinion rite.Hehehehe.Both Eng n Kor version are good.Maybe when you listen to this song for d 1st time,it's not that good but after listen it for many times,you will addicted to it.I like d song.The part that I like the most is of cuz the rap part.All my bias in SNSD sings the rap part.I really love it.Aww~Yuri is so beautiful.I love her d most.Especially d part when she rap,touched d sand n her outfit that he wore a black tie.Let's sing the part I like :) The sound of their heels before they rap is juz so nice.
 ~Girl's Generation make'em feel the heat
And we do it and we can't be beat
  Bring the boys out
We're born to win
Better tell all your friends
'Cause we get it in
You know the girls
  Bring the boys out~
~Girl's bring the boys out
I wanna dance right now
We can show them how the girls get down
Yes we go for more than zero
No1 everyone should know
Check this out
  All the boys (x2) want my heart
Better know how to rock in their stop
  Oh G
We make you so hot
Girl's Generation we won't stop
Bring the boys out~
3.37.Love it.Okeyz,I already listen to all of SNSD's new song in their new album.There's a 12 songs include The Boys.The song that I like from d album is How Great Is Your Love,Sunflower n Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente).How Great Is Your Love is my new background song.I broke my promise to not changed  d song in my blog.Mianhae.But I like d song.The lyrics are written by Sooyoung.My top 4 bias.The title also nice.That's whylah.Hehehehe.Palli,Bring The Boys(SHINee) Out!!!!

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