Sweet Love
Day 9 - The very first SHINee music video you watched
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 5:20 PM | 0 comments
Hi SHINee!!!!
I Loph U All :)
They look hot in red n black.
Let's start.
See their outfit above?
Which song they wore that outfit?
It's Ring Ding Dong.
SHINee's history song for me.
It's an epic song.
So,d MV of SHINee that I looked very 1st is Ring Ding Dong.
 I watched d MV if I'm not mistaken on Dec 2009.
When I 1st knew about SHINee existence.
Thanks to Minho ssi.
I like the part of their dance 'We wanna go locka-locka'
Actually it's rocka-rocka.
But when SHINee sings,it sound locka-locka.
I found it's so cute.
Thanx to Music Bank bcuz I knew this awesome song from watching MB.
So,I'm just gonna post Live version okeyz :)

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