Sweet Love
Day 5 - A SHINee song that makes you giddy
Saturday, October 15, 2011 | 9:18 PM | 0 comments
Uhh~Taemin you're so sexy with that ponytail.
I like to see Taeminie with ponytail.
From cute boy turns into a hot man.
D boy that got most attention from noona's outside.
A baby in SHINee.
The lovers of Banana Milk.
That's so Taemin.
Hye :)
Okeyz,let's start today challenge.
Honestly,I don't know what giddy means in Malay.
So,I translate it @ Google and giddy means 'pening' in Malay.
My hubbyz songs that makes me giddy is this song.

Ready Or Not
This song is one of my fav song.
There's an English Version of this song by Sean Kingston with d same title.
But,of cuz I like SHINee's version more,more n more.
Wae,I say that this song makes me giddy?
Bcuz when I played CD version of their concert,I will dance to this song n do what SHINee's do.
The chorus part has to turn round n round for many times.
So,I follow them n after turn round and round I started to feel giddylah.
But I really love the step.
~I Like It,Like It,Like It~

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