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Day 4- A SHINee song that makes you sad
Friday, October 14, 2011 | 2:37 PM | 0 comments
Omo~Jinki yah~
Why are crying?
Chebal Uljima :(
Don't cry or I'll cry too.
Juz smile bcuz I like it when u smile.
Ur eyes are too cute n so small when u smile or laugh :)
Chicken Chicken Dubu.
Dubu likes to eat chicken.
Okeyz,let's start today's challenge.
Actually not so many of their song that can makes me cry.
Less than 7.
1st,it's One.
I'm not gonna post d song today cuz I already post it on my 2nd Day challenge as my fav songs.
Juz gonna post this pic.
This is d pic at their very 1st concert @ Japan.
 This is after they finish sings One.
SHINee are too sweet at this moment.
We can see that Minho n Taemin try to comfort they hyung when they cry.
I buy CD version of d concert.
So,when SHINee sings One,Key started to cry at d middle of d song.
When I see Key's tears are rolling down at his cheeks I cried n shout 'Key,uljima'
Then Onew also cry.
Onew can't hide that bcuz when all members are trying to comfort Key,we can see clearly that Onew wipes his eyes n his eyes are teary.
It's so clear.
That makes me so sad.
D sensitive one.
I can't see that 2min is crying.
 Seems like  they are more tough than their hyung.
But don't keep it 2min ah~
Juz cry.
But,I know all of them are crying after d concert was over.
It really makes me sad when I saw SHINee crying.
I cried too cuz I can't help it.
Plus,with d nice n sad melody of One when they cried makes this song more sad.
When,I 1st listen to this song,I automatically liked this song.
This song are too nice.
The lyrics also sad.

Okeyz,another song is Romantic.
I'm not gonna past d song too cuz I already post it same like One.
SHINee's voices are so nice when they sing this song.
I really liked that song.
Romantic is one of the SHINee 1st Album song.
The lyrics are quite sad.
SHINee is so romantic with their voices.
'Still I Have Romantic In My Heart'

Last but not least.
I need SHINee in my Life.
This song included in Lucifer Album.
I like it when SHINee sing this song at their concert,all of them will wear white tuxedo.
They look so pure.
This is d part of d lyrics that I like d most.
'All I want is you
Only one is you in my life'

Another song that makes me sad is Quasimodo,Graze,In My Room.
All are ballad song.
SHINee's member that like Ballad song is Taeminie.
His fav song is Life n Romantic.
So sweet.
Until here,Annyeong :)

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