Sweet Love
Day 2 - Your favorite SHINee song
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 5:27 PM | 0 comments
Minho ssi,U are so handsome!!
Do U know that??
Of cuz U know rite.
Okeyz,let's start today's challenge.
Sebenarnya lagu SHINee yg top2 from Ring Ding Dong,Lucifer n Hello mmg sngat best.
Semua lagu Fav sy tue.
Tp psal semua org suda tau tue lagu sy ndak kan list kan d 3 song in my list.
So,sy hnya akan list kan lagu yg org x berapa tau,mmg btul2 sy suka n selalu dengar.
The song is..



Year Of Us


N lagu terbaru SHINee iaitu Kiss Kiss Kiss.
A sweet Japanese Song.

Kebanyakannya lagu Fav sy byak di Album Lucifer.
Obsession,Ready Or Not,Shout Out, Your Name,Life n Up and Down.
That's all for today.
Bye-bye :)

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