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Day 15- Your favorite SHINee era
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | 2:49 PM | 0 comments
My SHINee is on the tress.
They look so young here.
Can you recognize all of them from this picture?
For me they look so same here n if we not focus with d pic,it's hard.
Too small,rite.
But after I see this pic for many times,I can recognize all of them.
This is d only era that we can see Jongkey with long hair.
But not too long.
Minho in RDD era.
Taemin n Onew Lucifer/Hello.
I wonder what will Jongkey look like if they have a long hair.
Will they look good as On2min?
I guess so :)
So,let's start d challenge. 
Okeyz,today is  d LAST DAY I will post about SHINee 30 Days Challenge.
Bcuz it's almost SPM n I can't take too much time to update about my boys challenge.
It's d 15th Day today n the other 15 day I will continue after my SPM finish.
Yeah!!! The confirm date for my last day of SPM is 6 December 2011.
I'm happy.
Real start now.
Let me think first.
Errrm....it's not Replay,Love Like Oxygen and also Juliette.
It's also not Ring Ding Dong or Lucifer.
So,what era?
It's Hello era!!!!!
I like Hello the best.
Hello~Hello~ Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo~
Wae I like Hello?
Bcuz the MV n also SHINee's hair is my fav at Hello era.
It's cute rite.
Let's see SHINee from Hello era.

This is my most favourite Live perfomance from them.
Ahh~ So cute :)

Omomo~My baby.
I wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss him.
Kibum ah~
Noona loves you :)
Key!!!!! Such a cutie pie!!!!!
 He look the cutest when he do d pout.
Much cute.
When will Key be cute like this again??
Sorry,bias mode.
So,until here.
Bye-bye :)

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