Sweet Love
Day 13 - The SHINee member I think is most easily shipped
Sunday, October 23, 2011 | 3:40 PM | 0 comments
Ace in black n white.
He looks great.
Look at his frogs eyes.
Nomu Kyeopta.
I really can't wait to watch Mr Ace in Dream Team Kings of Kings.
He's d Real Kings.
I love it when he bring all SHINee members to Daegu using his new car.
He's such a nice guy.
Chuball with his cute mouth.
Ah~I love it.
So,let's start.
When I see d challenge,there's a 2 person in my mind.
I talked about them yesterday.
Try Guess them.
Aww~Nomu Kiyowo.
It's Jongkey cartoon version from Hello Baby.
Yes,it's Jongkey who's in my mind.
If only in SHINee,it was Jonghyun.
Look at his face.
It's a playboy face rite.
He can flirt with Key,Minho n Taemin.
Onew is rarely.Maybe bcuz Onew is older than him.
So, a lot of people starts to ship him with 2min other than Key.
But overall,out from SHINee n in SHINee.
It's Key.
In SHINee he can shipped with anyone.
Jongkey,Onkey,Minkey n Taekey.
Outside from SHINee there's a lot of fans that shipped Key with his 91-liners.
When there's a perfomance that include other idol,Key will always be with his 91-line friend such as Dongwoon,Mir n Woohyun.
That's d reason.

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