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Day 12 - My favorite SHINee OTP
Saturday, October 22, 2011 | 4:48 PM | 2 comments
Woah~Key in Black is Hot.
Seriously,I really miss Key with black hair.
Nowadays,Key  is  blonde along with Taeminie.
Like eomma like son.
I'm not sure what colour will Key's hair be for SHINee's next comeback.
Any colour is better as long as Key not shave his hair anymore.
Okeyz,the challenge is calling me!!!
So,let's start now.
Before that,what actually is OTP means?
OTP is a short name for 'One True Pairing'.
Like a couple.
So,my OTP in SHINee is who?
Let me tell,starts with J.O.N.G.K.E.Y
Omo~My craziness are coming!!!
Let's see some of Jongkey's pics.

 Wah~So many pics I post.
Okeyz,wae I like Jongkey?
Bcuz they look so sweet, funny n dorky when they are together.
Are they Gay?
No no no no no.
 They are not Gay.
But I like them.
Jjong has a GF before but they already broke up.
 When you see two Koreans guy being so close with each other n being flirty with one another,
 That's called skinship or bromance.
 Most Korean Guys are like that.
 When they too close,doesn't mean they are Gay.
 I'm sure all Kpoppers has their own OTP rite.
I like to see how Jjong being so flirty when he's with Key.
But Jjong is  D King of Skinship.
Now he's flirt with Taemin n Minho too.
Another thing,Jongkey like to wear a couple things when they are at d public.
T-shirts n Hats.
Actually there's a lottttttttt Jongkey moments that I like n makes  me smile.
Thanks to JongkeyTV.
There's are some Jongkey moments that I like :)

Pocky Kiss
My most fav moment.
Like,all Jongkey shippers can't forget this moment rite.
~I like it,like it,like it~

They being dorky when they seat together.

Okeyz,actually this is more to Onkey moments.
But,I really like it bcuz I like Onkey too.
And we can see someone is jealous here.

This is too sweet!!!!!!!
I really like Key's hair here.
He look so cute.

Jongkey ah~Juz get married already.
Jongkey promise that they will get married ten years from now.
Don't break ur promise Jongkey ah~
But as a Shawols,I do like all SHINee's couple.
Onkey,Minkey,Taekey,Ontae,2min,Jongyu,Jongho,Jongtae,Onho n Jongkey.
Let's juz support all of them.
They still SHINee!!!!!!
A long post.

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