Sweet Love
Day 11 - The very first SHINee song you listened to
Friday, October 21, 2011 | 3:52 PM | 0 comments
My Cute Puppy eyes.
Look at d mole on d middle of his neck n chest.
That's so special rite.
I really love to see Jjong's mole.
He got a lot of mole on his chest.
I knew that.
He look more sweet with d mole.
Okeyz,today's challenge.
Let's start.

The song is Stand By Me
SoEul couple.
Sweet couple.
I miss them.
But,I love MinSun couple too :)
 I actually want to see Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun acting together again.
But,it's impossible rite.
Okeyz,back to d 1st song.
I heard this song of cuz from Boys Over Flowers.
But at that time,I didn't know that SHINee is d one who sing that sweet song.
I feel stupid for not realize it was my boyz song.
Who knows I'll like d group that sing this song when I watched BOF.
Until,I know SHINee,then I know.
But,I still remember d part in BOF where Stand By Me is played.
The part where Jandi is bring to Junpyo's house for d first time n she's given a makeover by Junpyo's maid.
It's one of d early episode.
I can't forget that.
I will maximum d volume whenever I heard Stand By Me is played when BOF is repeated.
Juz to listen to  Senior's voice.
For solo part only Onew,Jjong n Key has part.
But for d chorus 2min d junior is in.
I'm proud with them!!!!
I like d dance when SHINee sings this song Live.
Their dance when d part 'Woooohhhhh' is so cute.
SHINee ah~Stand Bye Me forever :)
~Together making love
Forever making you smile~

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