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Day 10 - Your favorite SHINee music video
Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 5:18 PM | 0 comments
Aww~He's sweet.
In all SHINee members,Dubu is d one who wore  hat d most.
He look cute with  hat rite.
But nowadays,in Japanese Magazine,all of them wear a hat.
Sometimes this member n sometimes that member.
I just love to see my SHINee with hat.
They look cool.
~SHINee is so cool~cool~
~Yeah,I feel so cool~cool~
Let's start today's challenge.
Woah~It's day 10 already.
Okeyz,honestly my fav MV of SHINee is Lucifer,Ring Ding Dong n Hello.
But bcuz I already post n talk about d songs a lot,I'm not gonna post it today.
So,I'm juz gonna post my fav MV of SHINee in Japanese version.

First,this song.
Devil+Angel song.

Lucifer JV
Aren't this version awesome?
I love it.
They look matured n more hot.

Then,SHINee's  most precious song.
I heard that they shooting d MV @ d same place whether it's Korean or Japanese version.

Replay JV.
I confess that I like this version  more than Korean.
Bcuz they look more cute n handsome here.
They also looks matured.
But,who can forget this song rite.
SHINee's debut face is so cute.
Taemin with mushroom hair.
Owh~My babyz.
This is SHINee's 1st ever song.
In Korean lah.
But,I regret it bcuz I didn't know SHINee from this song.
On 2008,I don't even know about K-Pop.
I only know Korean Drama.
Mianhae SHINee ah~
But now, I know them a lot .
Chu <3
The dance step  for  this song is quite hard for me.
Noona Love You SHINee ah~
I'm young but I want to be SHINee's noona juz for a while.

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