Sweet Love
Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 3:07 PM | 0 comments
Hello :) So hari nie mcam yg sy ckap yesterday,sy akan mula buat SHINee 30 Days Challenge.
Let's get started now!!!!
Okeyz,who actually my fav SHINee member?
Let's see.
This Guy!!!!
Who is he?
He's Kim Kibum or much known as Key.
Why I like him?
Because he can do anything.
That's why he's called Key d Almighty.
Besides that,I really it when he laugh.
He's laugh is d most cute thing ever.
I feel so happy when he laugh.
I juz love Key although he likes to nag n I admit it that he's an annoying person :)
I like it when he cared about SHINee member.
Key is cute.
Key is sweet.
Key is love.
He's a really straight forward person.
He will never like what he don't like n vice versa.
That's why I really love him although he's not my 1st bias in SHINee .
I juz like d way he is.

Itulah,reasonnya kenapa sy suka c Kibum nie.
Actually byak lagi tp kalo sy tulis semua mmg ndak kan habis.
Okeyz,end of Day 1.

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