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Tommorow is d Day!!!!!!!!
Thursday, September 22, 2011 | 6:17 PM | 0 comments
Tommorow is 23th of Sept.Wat date is that?Is it important?Yes.Precious date for me.I believe that SMent will celebrate Kim Kibum @ Key b'day today at 8pm.So,Key n SHINee I hope u will enjoy ur birthday party today.Isn't that cool if I can go to Key's birthday party~Don't forget to upload pics n post if faster so that allkpop can share with Shawols.Can't wait for tomorrow.


An extra,I juz read a Fan-Account from Key's birthday party today rite now that Minho said that Onew has to go activities n practice,his schedule is packed and harsh so Onew can't come to Key's b'day party n he hope everyone can understand. 
I can't understand actually.Why only Onew?Why he's d only one to prctice?Practice wat actually?I'm sorry if I'm being harsh but I wanna see them together bha!!!!!!!Wae,wae,wae,wae,wae?I wanna see all SHINee member celebrate Key's birthday together but why Onew can't come?I really feel bad.If SHINee wanna be busy,busy together.It's not fair.Poor Onew.Last year Onew also didn't come to Key birthday party n Taemin too.But today Taemin did came.Aigoo~I feel so sad about this.But,it's okeyz bcuz all of them has celebrated Key's b'day earlier at SWC @ Singapore.Sob sob sob sob sob.

Another Update!!!!!!!!
Okezy,actually Onew did come to Key's b'day party!!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!I'm happy all of my lovely boyz are there.Actually I read about d statements from Onew Sangtae but then someone confirmed it that d information that admin post on d FB is frm last year fan-account.So,yes.It' perfect.Owh ya now is 11.35 pm.It's Ma Boy birthday already rite.But I'm juz gonna make a post about him tommorow.Too many too write n didn't have much time.I need to sleep.Before I sleep I wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss my Birthday Boy!!!!!!!!
Saengil Chuka Hamnida Chagiya!!!!!!!!

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