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SHINee - Lucifer (Jap Version) Teaser is out!!!!!
Thursday, September 22, 2011 | 5:46 PM | 0 comments

Omo!!!!!!!!!Hari nie sy OL lambat.Then bila sy buka FB dalam pukul 4.50 pm mcamtue trus sy trkjut bila sy nmpak Lucifer Teaser JV keluar suda.Apa lagi,truslah sy click Youtube dia.I really didn't expect that the Teaser will come out today.A day before Key's birthday.It's so precious.Then,I watchedlah d Teaser.It's hot,cool n awesome.My SHINee is getting hotter.But d Teaser is  like didn't show their dance too much.Only my boyz jump2 on the water.But not badlah.Then, I see d 2nd Teaser.When I watched d 2nd Teaser my reaction is..Omo!!!!!!!! I like the 2nd Teaser more than d 1st Teaser!!!!!!!It's so much better but not so clear.Key's hair is cool.Blond black.Why he didn't keep d hair like that now?So,now after watching d 2nd Teaser seems like I like d JV more than KV.But still d KV is d Daebak.It's d song that makes SHINee so popular.Can't forget that.D viewer for Lucifer KV is almost 25 000 000.Daebak!!!!!!!Let's make it 25 000 000 before my Key's birthday tommorow.SHINee's outift is so cool n Key's hair is so much better in d JV.And  Lucifer for JV is not like Japanese song.Chincha.If u listen to it carefully d song more like other country song.More too Spanish like that.But d Japanese of cuz still can be heard lah.I really can't wait for 12th October to see d full MV.Aigoo~SHINee ah~Nomu-nomu Saranghae.Hwaiting!!!!!!!


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