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OMG!!!!!!!! I Really Can't Believe This,But It's True
Sunday, September 18, 2011 | 10:37 AM | 0 comments
This was posted on INSTIZ on 11 Sept. Her father said he found a very close junior 2 years ago and always boasted to her that “his son is really good-looking, totally your type and is quite fair and he’s very polite”. She was a little pissed as he always praised others’ kids…. After listening to it for 2 years, she turned a deaf ear to it.

However recently her dad saw the Idol Sports Day photos taken by fans & went to take a closer look upon seeing Key’s photo and suddenly shouted “Eh?!” She asked, “Appa, he’s good-looking right? Key-oppa is very handsome right?”

Her dad replied, “He looked exactly like my friend’s son?” She thought her dad was joking, froze for a while and said, “Wah, if appa you know him then my friend’s sister is Kim Taehee”. However, her dad immediately called his friend and asked, “Is your son a singer?” His friend replied, “Ah, hyung, I told you back then.”

Then her dad said, “Eh, yes, your son…. What? Key?”
His friend replied, “Yes”

So her dad told her his friend will get SHINee to sign Juliette Type A and bring it over…. Next week there will be photos for verification.

So true to her words she posted these photos on 17 Sept. Key even signed on the mp3 button and all the members also signed the album photobook.. The last photo is a picture of a letter which Key personally wrote. He even asked the rest to sign on a few more A4 papers for her to distribute.

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OMG!!!!!!!!!Punya main lucky tue girl.This means that her father's friend is Key's father!!!!!!!!Aigoo~I Want All Of Key!!!!!!!!

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