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Miss Again,3 More Days
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | 4:19 PM | 0 comments
Holla~Lama suda sy ndak dgr apa2 brita pasal sy punya boyz yg adorable tue.How are they now?What are they doing rite now?I hope they will be fine.Yes.That's good.N now is 20th of Sept.Countdown to 3 days before  Ma Boy above b'day!!!!! Can't wait actually.Chincha~I hope on his b'day they will be n post a pic of them together or any news.I hope my hope not only hope.Ahhh~I really-really miss them rite now.It's been a long time since there's no news about my SHINee.Not too long lah bha.SHINee ah~Palli Turrawa~I Miss Them Like Crazy.I heard that Jjong is injured that's why he's not coming with OnTaeKey to Spain.Too bad.Well,SHINee ah~Take care chebal.Change song again since the song b4 is not function n Yes,it's almost for my Keybummie b'day so I put into SHINee's song.Our fav song.Me n Key(Perasan lagi).Hehehehehehe.A-Yo~Okeyz,until here,Adios~

Found this from Tumblr.It's true that I never seen Key with long hair.An average long hair for man.Seems like Key maybe doesn't like to keep a long hair.But,who knows?Maybe he will be cute juz like this pic.My comment about this pic is,He's adorable.I like Key with black hair more than blonde but blonde is so much better than Lucifer KV hair.
Hehehehehehehe.Omomomomo~The hair is from Taemin's Lucifer hair.Suit with him <3 My SHINee n My Boy with no eyelid @ My Sepet Boy.

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