Sweet Love
Message from KEY ♥
Friday, September 23, 2011 | 9:37 PM | 0 comments
"Hello! '-'*
Enjoyed the birthday eve yesterday,
today is the actual day - I'm Key. heuheu

At yesterday's birthday eve with our beloved members and...
with SHINee World, i really liked that we could share enjoyable stories..
I hope that everyone has enjoyed it!

To be able to enjoy and be happy every birthday
I've always thought that it's all thanks to you fans who always generously send your love ~
Thank you! 'ㅂ'

We're now working hard promoting in Japan
so we can't frequently meet you all, korean fans, but!
Even if so, you will continue to twinkle with SHINee right?
haha :-)

Thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday~
Lets all have a happy day together!

I love you ♡"
(I Love Yoo too Key!!!!Aww~My Boyz is so sweet n cute here.Key looks like a bad boy.Look where he seats.Cuteness n sweetnee overload.It's been a long time since my SHINee didn't take pic together.They smile,I smile :)
Omomomo~Nae Chagiya,Nae Yeoboyo,Nae Saranga)


[Key UFO] Hello ! I’m SHINee’s almighty Key ! HAHA Sincerely thanks for the many birthday congratulatory messages this year too. Now i’ll work even harder like how i gradually mature, and I’ll be the Key who will work even harder. Watch over me. I love you~! ♥Much Love from me Kibum ah~

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