Sweet Love
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | 4:27 PM | 0 comments
Yesterday movie nie main di Channel 114.Sy sekeluarga tgoklah.Wktu tgok Movie nie saya,mama n kakak menangis.This movie is d best Korean Movie that I ever watched.And d saddest too selain Tsunami at Heundae yg juga buat sy menangis.It's not a Love between Lover movie but more to love to family n friends that has spent long time with us in 1 place.I cried 3 times.10/10 for this wonderful movie.The synopsis:

Moon Ok (Na Moon-Hee) was a musical professor at a university, but is now on death row for committing a crime caused by the abuse of her husband and mother-in-law. In prison she meets a young lady named Jeong-hye (Kim Yunjin) who killed her husband because of physical abuse. At the time of her arrest, Jeong-hye was pregnant and the baby was eventually born in prison. Now 18 months later, Jeong-hye’s baby must be given up for adoption. To spend one day with her baby outside of prison, Jeong-hye forms a prison choir group. Moon Ok becomes the conductor for this choir.
The inmates and prison officers are soon touched by the music produced by this group. “Harmony” provides for a unique human drama set within the world of a female prison.

Siapa yg tgok Movie nie for d 1st time,tidak menangis, mmg sy rasa dia tiada perasaanlah.Sebab sy tgok comment di Internet semua org menangis tgok Movie nie .Mmg sngat menyentuh perasaan.Lebih-lebih lagi wktu part Jeong Hye hntar anak dia pegi pusat penjagaan kanak2 dan dijadikan anak angkat org lain setelah dia besarkan anaknya selama  hmpir 2 tahun di penjara.Aduh~itulah part yg paling sy berabis menangis sama last part.Okeyzlah,kalo mau tau lbih byak pasal drama nie,tgoklah sendiri.Heheheehehehe.Mmg x kan myesal lah kalau tgok Movie nie.It's worth it.Part paling best wktu drg semua (banduan) buat persembahan n then drg jumpa keluarga drg yg suda lama x jumpa.Love it.


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