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Happy Happy Birthday My Kibummie
Friday, September 23, 2011 | 3:55 PM | 0 comments
Lalalalalalalalalalalala~Hello, today is 23th September!!!!!!!!
Anyone birthday today?Yes.Who?My Hubby!!!!!!!!
Kim Kibum @ Key from SHINee.
Let me sing for my hubby first.

~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~
~Saranghaneun Kim Kibum~
~Saengil Chukahamnida~

It's his 21st birthday in Korea but 20th in Intenational.
Kibum ah~As today is ur birthday,I wanna wish ur Happy Happy Happy Birthday.
I already know that u celebrate ur b'day with all SHINee member.I'm very happy to know about that.
I hope you will always sucess with ur career with SHINee memberdeul n also in everything you do.
Please always be good.Don't make such a bad things.
Juz make Lockets n Shawols out there Love you more.
The most important thing is Please Never Stop Smiling :)
Key's smile is d sweetest ever n that killer smile is d one that always makes my heart happy.
This Kibum got a smile that could light up my day.
He's d only one n also SHINee.
I never knew how can I Love him this much.
From all SHINee's member,he's d one that got least fan n he's an annoying person.
But who knows,that someone like me who are very different with Key fall for him.
Maybe bcuz Key has d aura that I can see but nobody else can see like me.
I can't express how much I Love this birthday Boy.
I know that me n him of cuz will never meet n he will never know me.
But that thing can't stop me from loving this boy.
I Love Love Love Love Love Key so Much.
Sometimes,when Kibum do a thing that makes me annoyed,I do feel like I want to hate him n I wanna change my Bias in SHINee.
But,I can't.Really can't.It's juz I end up Like him more than before.
He's d Diva after all.Of cuz he can makes me annoyed.
But now I really used with his Annoying thing.
It's juz a bla bla bla thing for me.Hehehehehe.
I know him very well.The rest of SHINe too.
But,he's not always Annoying bha.Juz a little.
Then,he makes me love him more with his Cutie,sweet,hot,adorable,awesomeness n gayness things.
If I saw Key n SHINee cried,I cried too.
I can't help myself.It's like I already stick with SHINee especially Key.
When they happy,I'm happy too.
When they sad,I'm sad too.
When they smile,they makes me melt.
When SHINee do something funny,they makes me laugh n happy.
Day by Day SHINee makes me Love them more.
Anyway,back to Key.I really admire this boy.
Wae?Bcuz in SHINee he's d One that can Sing,Dance n Rap.He's got all d package.
That makes me proud.Key is also known as someone who really good at Art n Fashion.
Vice-versa with me.He's d Fashionista after all.
They said if anyone meets him in real life,they will know how charming my boy  is n he has d perfect face features n he got d ultra charming look.He is simply flawless in every aspect.
Is that true?Wah~Key,that makes me really-really wanna meet u in real life.
Even,it's juz from far.
My Bong Bong.
Bong ah~lots of people said that You imporved a lot.Chukahae Bong ah~
Juz keep it up n never ever Give up.Same with SHINee.
Wat I like about this 20 years old boy?
I like him the most for who he be.
So,this is my favourite Quote from Key.

"So My Dream Isn't To Become The Best,It's To Be Someone Who I'm Not Ashamed To Be"

Key really can't lie hisself.He can't like what he doesn't like.Key is a very honest person n he ever maybe makes others hurts with what he say.That's Key.A fan like me has to accept that.
Nobody perfect in this world.
Key really ever do some mistakes.
I also like Key for his relationship with SHINee.Of cuz they close rite.
I like it when Key  cooks  for SHINee member n also nagging at them too.
I like too see how Key cares to another member especially Taemin.
Taemin is d one that he I think he always nag but Taemin also d one that he care d most.
He's d eomma n Taemin is d son.
My SHINee is too sweet n cute.
That's why I really love to see them together n I really dislike when SHINee do separate activities.
I mean someone absent from their activities.If that member is sick,it's okay lah if him absent.
Owh Ya~Talk about sick,I hope Key will always take care of his health n take a lot of rest.
Other thing I like about Key is when he's laughing.
Does anybody ever heard Key's voice when he's laughing?
Aww~Cuteness Overload.D voice is really makes my heart feels peace n happy.
He's laugh is so sweet.Makes me love him more.
Actually I do have a lot of things that I like about Key but if I wrote it all, it will not over until tommorow.
What I dislike about Key?
Yes,I do have.But not much.Juz 2 thing.
Uh~I didn't want to tell that thing.Sorry.
One thing that I hope will never happen is, SHINee separated.
I hope SHINee will be together forever.
That's d thing.But d truths is I know that someday SHINee will make their own way.
I hope it will take a long time from 2011.Maybe 10 years after.
Yes,SHINee one day will Get Married with d woman that they love.
I wonder which girl will be d 5 lucky girl?
Who will be my hubby's wife?Me?
I want.Hahahahahahaha.KeyHan :)
Omoyan~I think I'm really too much now.Mianhada.
So this is d last but not least.

Dear Kim Kibum (Key),

You are flawless. You inspire me,You make me smile,You are cute juz like a Kitty. You make me laugh. You mean everything to me. I sit back and watch people say negative things about you. But I ignore. They don't know the real You,so they don't know much about You. As long as I'm sure that you think better of Yourself then I am perfectly fine. As long as You are smiling I am perfectly fine. Your heart,Your soul, Your smile. You. You are perfect to me and I will Forever Love You.  This Boy who inspired me. This Boy who continually makes me smile like crazy people. You are the reason I want to be such an amazing dancer,singer n be myself. I love you so much. I can’t even explain it.You are an awesome person. The best smile in K-Pop.  The best personality. In my eyes,You are d only One.You teach me a lot of things that I can't explain. Kim Kibum.  Just. Have an amazing birthday. Continue dancing,singing n rapping,do fashion n arts. Continue smiling. I wish You all d best in Your life.Continue being who you are. I Love You Kim Kibum.So Much.Nothing Can Stop Me From Loving You.Nomu-nomu Saranghae My Almighty Eomma Keybummie Bong ah~ Diva Key ♥

Much Love,

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